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Published on October 28th, 2012 | by John I.


13 inch MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac mini Apple is remembering the Mac again!

Apple really has been slipping when it comes to their Mac products with the new toys on the block, the iPhone, iPod and iPad taking all their attention and resources.

Apparently on the Apple event last Tuesday this was not to be the case while a large portion of the press conference was talking about the new iPad Mini and the iPad 4, Apple also introduce new updates to its line of Mac computer. For the Mac Mini this was long overdue. The products that were announced were as follows:

Mac Mini

A long over due upgrade to the Mac Mini was also released this felt very rushed and Apple didn’t really spend much time covering it at all. They gave the computer a speed bump to an i5 processor and dropped the price to a starting price of £499 but other than this they didn’t really do much to the tiny Mac.

13inch Retina MacBook Pro

This laptop has been expected from Apple for a while now a 13 inch version of there power house laptop the MacBook Pro was a sure thing and a gap in the market that they needed to fill. With two of Apple’s thunderbolt ports, HDMI and a variety of other ports this thing is just as much of a powerhouse as it’s 15 inch older brother.

However easily the most impressive thing about this laptop is the display,  with the quality of the retina technology the display is about 4 times better quality than a 1080p HD television and across the entire screen has an amazing 409,600,000 pixels. This is definitely a product at the more expensive end of the market, however its also very much a future proof purchase with technology that will be top of the range for years to come.


The latest design iteration to the iMac is truly revolutionary with a tiny 5 mm thick top of the display it really is hard to believe that there is a computer in there let alone a crystal clear display. The design of this product gets more memorable with every change it sees.

With this computer also containing thunderbolts ports Apple is definitely trying to push its new standard but they are also keeping in line with industry standards and including ports such as USB.

This iMac also has something that Apple has never used before by no means a new technology the fusion hard drive with a solid state and spinning disk memory is the first computer that Apple has used both for and should considerably speed up the performance of the computer.

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 This article was provided by Tom who has a small addiction to Apple news. He blogs about Apple and other technology news on his own sites Armenante and Technewsarm.

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