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Published on August 30th, 2012 | by John I.

15 Things We Want to See From the new iPhone

Waiting for a new iPhone is like the adult version of waiting for Christmas morning. And grownups get just as over-excited and giddy when thinking about what they want to ask Apple for that it wouldn’t be surprising if some penned letters outlining their wish lists and insisting they’ve been very, very good and deserve every new app and feature their imagination has come up with. In that vein, here’s our “Dear Apple” letter and the things we hope to find in our new iPhone one special morning, very soon.

1. A Bigger Screen: We’re not greedy. We can start small – but we’d love the new iPhone to start a little bigger, at least when it comes to the screen. And it will make us feel less self-conscious about our fat fingers.

2. Wireless Charging: How great would this be? Freed from the shackles of wires and their limited reach when you’re trying to charge while chatting or trying to get in one last move on Words With Friends.

3. Better Camera: For all the awesomeness of the iPhone, its camera capabilities have been lame. Adding the flash was a start, but an eight megapixel camera would be even better.

4. 3-D Screen:  Why stop at a bigger screen? How about a 3-D screen? If this truly is the wave of the future, iPhone needs to ride it.

5. Adobe Flash Player: This might be tantamount to blasphemy, but come on already!

6. More Music Storage: If we could store up to 64GB (124 would be even better!) in our iPhone then we wouldn’t need both an iPhone and an iPod.

7. DND: The rumored Do Not Disturb feature would be a godsend. No more annoying notifications interrupting REM sleep.

8. Longer Life:  There’s nothing worse than the horrible message that you’re down to the final 20% of battery life.

9. More Colors: Why just white and black? Apple used to be about color. How about a nifty neon green or orange iPhone? What about pink or a blinged-out option?

10. Better Speaker: Talking to someone on the iPhone speakerphone is almost pointless. Give us a better speaker so we can take more advantage of cool things like FaceTime.

11. A Dedicated Camera Button: iPhone makes it really hard to take and send naughty pics – a dedicated camera button would make all those pervy iPhone users uber-happy.

12. Voice Recognition:  It’s not enough for me to just be able to bark commands at my iPhone, I want it to be able to tell the difference between me barking commands and imposters.

13. Gestures: Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to put your phone in airplane mode by making a figure-eight across the screen?

14. Waterproofing: This might involve other things like no external buttons or ports at all, but wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about dropping your iPhone in the toilet?

15. Fingerprint Recognition:  Passwords are so last week. The iPhone should be able to be locked and unlocked by reading your fingerprint.

What would be on your wish list to Apple?

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