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Published on December 13th, 2012 | by John I.


3 great technology innovations that will soon change our way of life

Today, manufacturers, scientists and companies continue to work tirelessly conducting different research hoping to come up with new innovations [technology or more advanced equipment and machines] that will make life easier and more comfortable by improving and also simplifying day to day operations and routines at work, at home and even in school. It is therefore very important to understand that regardless of where you are presently, the kind of life you lead or even the kind of work you do, technology plays a very important role that cannot be overlooked. This being the case, here is a detailed summary of 3 great technological innovations with the potential of completely changing the current way of life. They include:

3D printing technology

Although 3D printing technology has been in existence for a while now [with the first 3D printing method "stereolithography" being invented by Charles hull around the year 1986], the year 2012 marked its advancement to a whole new level. This is clearly evident from the fact that already a variety of printing methods have plunged into the commercial market each characteristic of unique layers of building patterns.

Applications of 3D printing technology

The application of 3 D printing technology is wider than you think. In fact, its application scales up to much wider applicability consequently producing results with the potential of drastically improving our lives. For instance:

  • 3D printing technology has also been used to create artificial blood vessels and is son expected to expect to be able to support the creation of artificial organs for transplants.
  • At the moment 3 D printing technology is focused on helping build prototypes particularly for industrial applications and other equally relevant places.
  • Dental labs have also adapted this technology as it has proven to be very effective in helping fabricate bridgework and crowns.

Although these devices have proven to be quite expensive to for domestic use or carter for the desktop category, a number of services have been introduced to allow anyone send digital prints and have them molded into either plastic, ceramic, metals or even food art. Fortunately or unfortunately, that is how far 3 D printing technology goes in terms of domestic usage.

From the above it is very clear that this technology not only pertains to materialistic objects but also works perfectly with human physiology. Examples of 3D printers include: the RepRap and the Markerbot Replicator both serving as a guarantee for more practical applications and a chance to build virtually everything with utmost precision, ease, quality affordably.

The NFC “Near-field-technology” technology

Serving as a guarantee for convenience and sensibility in the manner in which we exchange information, the NFC technology works in a way that devices in contact with each other or in close proximity automatically get to establish communication. What makes it different from comparable communication forms such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is the fact that distances in terms of NFC need to be very minimal. What’s more, NFC technology can be scaled up to many areas of application as you will see hence the reason it qualifies as one of the latest great technological innovations at the moment.

The NFC operates through short wave radio transmission. All devices operating this technology e.g. PDAs and smart phones are equipped with NFC chips to allow for coupling [which is the communication process for NFC technology and a development of Radio frequency Identification]. The NFC actually takes the send and receive process that was characteristic of radio frequency identification to a whole new level with this being evident from the communication that currently exists between NFC technology enabled devices. Blackberry, Nokia and Samsung are examples of the major brands that have already incorporated the NFC technology.

The future of NFC technology

NFC technology is set to be the next big thing with key players e.g. apple and Google already making preparations for the market. With the predictions of stores promoting the use of paying by handset, it is clearly inevitable that this technology will definitely grow to become an important part of our society.

The electronic signature

Electronic signatures are a new form of authentication and verification that is characteristic of electronic symbols, sounds or codes that are attached to documents or even contracts as evidence that a specific party have signed the document. The best thing about electronic signatures is the fact that they are legally binding across the globe. Electronic signatures also have very many benefits these include:

  • Serving as a guarantee for a greener environment as the use of traditional paper and ink won’t be necessary. This will consequently allow for environmental conservation
  • Increased profits: you won’t have to spend a lot of time printing or handling paper documents consequently having more time to focus on other more important matter as a result increasing productivity which is a guarantee for more profits.
  • Reduced costs: you won’t have to incur the cost of acquiring paper, printing ink and cost of delivering the documents.
  • Preservation of the integrity of contracts: electronic signatures are characteristic of a variety of security protocols that leave absolutely no room for signature manipulation. In fact, an audit trail can be produced for each signature should there be need or in case any discrepancy is pin pointed.
  • E-Signs such us Silanis e-signatures also serve as a guarantee for better customer experience plus it will give you a slight edge over you competitors at the same time allowing you to increase productivity. It is undeniable that electronic signatures will soon become the standard way of executing business contracts.

Bottom line

Near field communication technology, 3D printing technology and the electronic signatures are simply examples of the great technological advancements that have already seen the light of day and enjoyed a warm reception as they all serve as a promise for a better tomorrow. Fact is there are more innovations hence in case you which to find out more feel free to carry out your own independent research.

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