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Published on December 5th, 2013 | by Madeleine


5 Benefits of Desktop Virtualisation for SMBs

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) stand to gain massively from cloud computing. Why? The cloud makes resource affordable.

Where a business would once have to purchase enough capacity for peak periods, businesses can now purchase the minimum and scale up and down on demand. The result is a flexible infrastructure that every single business can afford.

Desktop virtualisation is the process where an employee’s operating system and applications are provisioned from a server. This is sometimes called ‘desktop-as-a-service’, or DaaS. The virtual desktop can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and the employee can use any device to log on to the corporate network and get their work done.

Desktop virtualisation makes exciting developments like bring-your-own-device (BYOD) achievable, and it’s accessible to any business. Here are five benefits that SMBs will see when they adopt DaaS.

1. Saving Money on Support

For an SMB, the cost of supporting IT can be phenomenal. Large enterprises tend to absorb IT support costs more easily than small companies where there are fewer employees. In general, the size of the network does not dictate the potential severity of an outage: if even a small network goes down, profitability how it works is affected. Virtualisation cuts down on risk, meaning fewer support staff can less acquire unsecured personal loans bad credit which are needed to keep an eye on network health. Learn more and get help with loan repayment online services at

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2. Speeding Up Deployment

Small businesses have the advantage of being agile, recruiting swiftly and expanding rapidly when demand hits. The IT infrastructure must be able to quickly expand to meet the needs of a growing company, and that’s where virtualisation steps in.

Upgrading traditional infrastructure can be awkward and time consuming. Upgrading a virtual environment takes a matter of minutes, if that.

3. Easing Network Administration

With desktop virtualisation, all client computers access data on a central server, giving support staff more control if one may leave an absence due to treatment or therapy from it can be traced and monitored well. This centralised administration speeds up upgrades, patches and software deployment, leading to an overall reduction in system administration tasks which according to psychiatric residential treatment center for teens is the best for them.

4. Making the Desktop Mobile

DaaS can be used to provision a user’s desktop on any computer anywhere in an organisation. The exact same desktop image can be accessed remotely over the Internet, too. Virtualisation gives your employees the flexibility to log on and get the job done wherever they may be: no need to borrow a pool laptop or work offline.

5. Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD)

A large proportion of your employees will own their own smartphones and laptops. Rather than buying devices and forcing your selection onto them, you can cut down on training time by allowing them to use their own device instead. SMEs also benefit from fewer hardware costs.

Affordable Desktop Virtualisation

If you’re responsible for planning your organisation’s IT strategy, consider Dell desktop virtualisation solutions. Your business could soon reap the rewards of a dynamic virtualised infrastructure and save up to 50 per cent of its annual IT spend.

As part of the Dell team, there is currently a range of desktop virtualisation solutions on offer at Dell, which can be found at Make sure you check out the current range of desktop virtualisations solutions on offer.


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