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Tech Security concept: Lock on digital screen

Published on February 20th, 2013 | by John I.


Antivirus Software: the way forward to Ultimate protection

Viruses infect computers through emails, downloaded documents or through the internet. There exist many kinds of viruses and ways you can get one and each has the capacity to affect a computer in varied ways. After viruses infect your machine, it considerably slows down your computer speed, destroy crucial and delicate files and images. Viruses can cause permanent physical damage to your machine. Anti-virus is a software designed to recognize and remove viruses. They function as an obstruction, diagnostic tool and eliminate suspicious software upon the user’s request.

Benefits of Anti-virus Software

Anti-virus software regularly scans your computer and eliminates any suspicious files. It’s a very worthy tool for any PC user. It guarantees that crucial files stored on your computer are safe and cannot be damaged because of an infected system. It enables you to use internet without disruptions when browsing or downloading files. Computers sharing a network spread viruses easily. Installing an anti-virus will prevent spread of viruses and provide online banking protection

Anti-virus software will protect your website from hackers. Some viruses act as fake anti-virus software, others are sent as email messages that are supposedly from a friend, while others pretend to be bank websites or significant organizations with which you are actually are afflicted. Briefly, many individuals who have technology know-how have been deceived into letting viruses access their computers.

Anti-virus guards you against spyware and identity stealing. Spyware is a kind of software that is created to infect your PC and monitor your activities. This means that it will be able to steal all your personal details saved on your machine. This can comprise financial information, social security numbers or credit cards. Some spyware are so advanced that they can be able to record and save information in real time. This type of software operates silently in the background, waiting for you to do online shopping. As you enter your credit card number to pay, the software records and stores your payment details and regularly transfers your private and sensitive information to its creator- a hacker in a distant location.

The hacker applies that information to purchase with your credit card or execute online banking transactions. Identity theft is a critical problem for victims and it can make you to lose cash and get harmful remarks on your credit report. Norton has software for anti-virus security and also shields you from spyware.

Spam is very irritating when your email account is flooded with messages and promotions that you are not interested in. This is as a result of a virus on your PC. Anti-virus protects you against spam email messages. Installing effective anti-virus software will result in extreme decrease of spam.

Why Regular Updating is important


Updating an anti-virus helps you to protect your computer against new threats.It is significant to keep in mind that hackers are designing complicated viruses daily. Most anti-virus software automatically updates every day or even hourly. Unless you choose to do it manually, you do not need to execute anything at all. To remain effective, the software requires regular update. Ensure that you renew your anti-virus license after it expires to get maximum protection.


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