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Published on August 23rd, 2012 | by John I.

Apple Forced Google to Upgrade its Android Maps

The tremendous competition from Apple has forced Google to upgrade its android mapping service that is used in Smartphones. As a result, hundreds of cities spread across the globe will receive listings for public transportation. It provides information on different routes and also informs the time expected for departure. Around one million stations will be included. One more added advantage is that Google will take initiatives to offer indoor directions as well. This is a boon for Android users. A note worthy gesture is that these advancements are exclusively for mobile users who have Android apps in them.

Some of the companies that that run on android software include HTC, Motorola, Samsung and Sony. Sources reveal that the above mentioned upgrades will also be extended to Apple products such as iPhones and iPads. The exact time when it will be made effective is still unknown. One of the key reasons why Google has taken pains to implement these upgrades is because Apple was taking measures to remove and replace Google maps from its products such as iPhones and iPads. It is expected that Apple will design its own mapping services for the upcoming versions of iPhones and iPads.

If Apple is planning to launch the next version of iPhone in a month, then a newly designed mapping service can be expected simultaneously along with the release of the iPhone. This is because automatic navigation has almost become a necessity among smartphone users in the recent past. Most people rely on these services to figure out the routes and directions while visiting a new place. According to several blog reports, if Apple takes such a measure, then it could seriously affect the business of Google. There is a possibility that Google will lose a huge chunk of revenue if users switch their service to Apple’s mapping services.

There used to be a time when Google and Apple were considered kins and they maintained a smooth and steady business relationship with each other. They started drifting away ever since Google started providing its Android software to several cellphone companies which were Apple’s competitors. The coldwar started spurting out in 2008. It remains a known fact to most of us that Android is considered as the most suited software for Smartphones. Moreover it has greatly generated income for Google through digital advertising for mobiles. So it is little surprising to know that Google is selling the software to most cellphone manufacturing companies.

Apple’s Co-Founder Steve was particularly against Google for its drastic measures. He strongly believed that Google was seriously hindering the growth of iPhones. Although Steve is no more, it was he who was determined to have his vengeance against Google for its drastic measures against Apple products. Apple has infact filed a case against Samsung which is also one of the best Android devices manufacturer. The trial is still active in one of the federal courts of San Jose. Meanwhile Google has remained firm and has stuck to the belief that it will dominate Apple in mapping service.

Google is planning to offer more elaborate public transportation directions. One thing is for sure and it is that consumers will be greatly benefitted as the end result of these clashes. The latest advancement which Google has launched will help a particular transportation user such as a bus user to receive assistance for directions. It will be different for a subway user. There are certain places where cars are not considered the best means to travel and in such cases, navigation gains more priority when compared to driving instructions. Brian McClendon, who happens to be the vice president for Engineering has stated that Google maps are the only one of its kind and will prove to be one of the best options for Android users.

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