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Published on July 1st, 2012 | by John I.

Apple preparing the release of iPad mini!

Steve Jobs had rejected the idea of a smaller iPad as he thought it had no place in the market. Commercialy it would be unlikely to fail as the demand of a smaller sized ipad is constantly growing. This is probably the reason why Apples executives have been discussing the idea of delivering a smaller version of the ipad.

There are many¬†rumors¬†all over the internet revealing that the ipad mini will eventually have an integrated retina 7 inch screen rather than 9.7 inches. The price will be quite low and will not exceed $250. This would find android devices quite hard to compete. The iPad mini will be released with a capacity of 8GB. Apple hasn’t yet come forward with any official announcements but fans are expecting the company’s announcements early next year. We will have to probably wait until autumn to see if all the rumors are correct.

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