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Published on November 16th, 2012 | by John I.


Apple’s new iPad Mini, is it really worth buying?

The iPad mini which launched on 2nd November, the latest tablet device from Apple costs a whopping 269 while its estimated price is around £ 117 measured from the components that are used to make it. This immediately provokes a question, is the iPad mini really worth it? Why would one want to spend such a huge amount on a device that has many alternatives at cheaper prices?

A normal search engine results of 7 inch tablets would reveal many options, some that are quite cheap compared to the mini. Does this mean we should prefer them?

Good things come in small sizes, right? That is what Apple has exactly done with the mini. The iPad mini adopts the features of the 10 inch tablet that came before it with only a few difference s. It’s a 7 inch device that has equal processing power just like its ‘parent’ tablet.

Other devices in the market basically use Android OS versions as their platform and have unbelievably great bargains compared to the iPad mini’s £ 269 starting price for their 16GB WI-Fi model. Why are these devices cheap? For starters, there CPU and GPU (graphics) power can’t be matched at all with the iPad mini and do not have apps specifically designed for them hence just not good enough.

Google released its Nexus 7 tablet priced at £ 159, the Nexus is a great device that is fast, looks and feels great, good in conserving energy and basically does well on all the day to day activities that we carry out. This feature made this tablet an instant hit as soon as it emerged in the market but didn’t rack up figures as much as the iPad mini.

Why is this then? The Nexus 7 just like other tablets runs on Android OS and as we know it iOS is far much better at tablet-optimised applications than Android with more than 275 000 specialised apps. Software has greater impact on the usage of a device hence this factor is holding the Nexus down.

Just recently, Amazon released its Kindle fire HD tablet costing a mere £ 129, a device that also looks and feels good with a pocket friendly price tag among the 7 inch tablets. But this device will do more good if one’s sole purpose is to watch videos and reading alone.

The Nexus is definitely not an all-round powerhouse as compared to the iPad which left a mark from day one also meaning that the iPad has achieved this since it resembles its former. But as developers come up with better apps that are specialized for these tablets and staunch consumers of certain brands upgrading, the market will definitely be on a level playing field and who will be the winner can’t be predicted.

Due to its good reputation, Apple has no equal hence the mini was destined to be a success. However with the current economy, it may have to undergo a tough low Christmas sales as parents aim for a less costly tablet such as Nexus 7 at £ 70 cheaper as gifts.

The iPad mini does not come with a retina display compared to its counterparts but many people hardly notice that because LG and AU optronics struggled to make it as good as possible. This device is fast, contains a 5MP, 1080p HD video rear camera for taking images and recording videos.

Apple squeezed a 35% more screen area compared to other tablets making the iPad mini 7.9 inches diagonally on the same chassis. The A5 chip made by Samsung despite the bitter lawsuits going on, from iPad 2 is still the same device used in the mini hence it’s still fast and can run unplugged 10 hours. Being new, this means it runs on iOS 6 however the famous Google mapping software had to be removed although apple are developing there’s.

The mini has the new lightning connector hence a new dock is required. This device is great for people on the move since it’s easily portable, easier to browse with and the best for reading. Will consumers buy the mini over the larger iPad? With the above features, am betting many will.

Today apple announced they had sold over 3 million minis hence estimated a 43% profit however it didn’t want to comment on the figures. Whether you are planning to get an iPad mini for Christmas, the choice will have to be made by you but generally it is a great device for use.

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