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Published on May 18th, 2013 | by John I.


Are Household Appliances Getting Too Clever?

This is a debate which is beginning to enter into the public sphere on consumer appliances. Are they really too clever for their own good? Do we need appliances that are less aesthetically pleasing and more fundamentally functional?

Well, the answer isn’t an easy one, as for many people (and a number of products) the twin merits of form and function do tend to go hand in hand. This is especially true in most modern households where budgets are limited and people can rarely afford one of the serviced apartments in edinburgh. Below are a few things to consider when pondering this particular debate.


Most people just want something to do one thing

Whilst many people do tend to get confused over the functionality of new electrical appliances, the same argument does seem to emerge: “but I only need it for one thing!” Whilst this may be true, there is no real harm in having an appliance that can perform several functions at once. For your appliances to function well they should be in a well-ventilated surroundings so just visit this blog reasons to get a humidifier for some tips. True it may lead to a little confusion when learning how to operate your chosen appliance, but this confusion is often short-lived and the end result can be an extremely beneficial one. Many new products are available from the Co-operative Electrical that require no steep learning curve and are ready to go as soon as they are plugged in.

Form usually follows function

In the modern day we place a high value on the aesthetics of modern appliances. This is partly due to our current fascination with iCulture and the sleek, flowing lines of appliances and electronics which now flood the market in an attempt to get noticed, However, a great deal of the time, their form is usually a factor with follows function, and not the other way around. There’s been an upgrade not only in electronic products but in sustainable ones as well. Nowadays it’s been incorporated the eco friendly products, features, and lifestyle habits that are more resource, water and energy efficient, and  using Green Products in your home is creating a healthier and more durable home.

In order to gain a foothold in any market, appliances must be able to hold their ground against competitors in more ways than one. Simply having something that looks nice does not cut it anymore. Many appliances offer increased functionality alongside high aesthetic value as a way of gaining new customers.


Technology is increasing at a rate of knots

Technology is like a snowball. Once the initial breakthrough is developed for commercial use, many companies slip on board to imitate the new discovery, resulting in what is known as a benchmark technology. But more than that, to further stand out in a highly competitive market, companies then seek to tweak and re-engineer products to deliver an even better service. The rate at which technology develops subsequently becomes ever more amplified.

But don’t worry. If looking through an electrical showroom seems to make your head spin at all the incredible new products available on the market today, you can rest easily. Whatever new appliance you’re seeking for your home, whether it’s smart, streamlined, economical or trusted and robust, you can get it at the Co-operative.

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