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Published on January 18th, 2013 | by John I.


Facebook adds free calling service for the iPhone

Facebook has come up with a calling service, absolutely free of cost exclusively for subscribers using the iPhone Facebook Messenger app. To use this function on Facebook Messenger iOS app, the user is required to tap the “i” button that can be found on the top right corner and press “Free Call” thereafter. The person being called will be notified by a pop up saying “John is calling”, for example as if it is a normal phone call.

To users who do not have a full functionality, the app will inform about the unavailability of the feature by a message that reads “You don’t have permission to chat with this person”.

On being requested by the PC Mag, an online computer magazine, Facebook did not immediately make a comment on this new service, but according to Verge, Facebook users of the USA can make free calls to all those with an iPhone over a Wi-Fi or data connection. This feature will hugely benefit those wanting to save cellphone talk time or those who have a shady network at their homes or offices.

Facebook incorporated the video calling feature of Skype directly into it two and a half years ago in 2011 and since then both the players have been in collaboration. It is quite probable that its unavailability on mobile was deliberate to allow Facebook to launch such a feature on its own.

The Verge stated that this move of Facebook can make it one of the largest users of VoIP among communities all over the world since the user bases of the current leaders in VoIP like Skype and Vonage is much less as compared to Facebook, which is probably the most popular social network. Currently, the Facebook Messenger app is available free of cost in the Apple App store.

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