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Published on July 27th, 2013 | by John I.


Facebook finally making a breakthrough in the mobile segment

Facebook, easily termed as the most popular social networking site of the World is fast making its foray in the mobile World. Known to everyone, the social media giant had been exploring options to revive its lost glory and now with a breakthrough in mobile marketing, it has seemed to achieve that. While Facebook has banked exclusively on the tremendous fan loyalty is has received till now, many speculators are pointing that the reason behind the success of a breakthrough in the mobile World is solely due to the extensive marketing strategies adopted by the social media giant.

While the mobile advertising initiative has only been taken last week, when Facebook for the first time invited businesses to advertise themselves on the Facebook application exclusively for mobile phones, its tremendous popularity is showing that the plan has gained the required mileage and is sure to boost the ad revenues of Facebook. While there was a report that Google, the search engine giant was cutting its plan for ad revenues through mobile marketing because of the fact that the screen of the mobile phones are very small when compared to desktops and laptops, Facebook has not reported any such problem as of now.

Mark Zuckerberg

Infact in a recent interview, Mark Zuckerberg claimed that with Facebook on mobile, the ad revenues have substantially shot up and it is just a matter of time when the real effects will be seen in the balance sheet. If Zuckerberg is to be believed, more and more youngsters are joining Facebook than before and since most of them use their mobile phones to be connected with Facebook, they surely go through the advertisements. As a result of this, ad agencies can be well prepared to launch extensive marketing strategies to market their goods and services on the mobile platform.

While we have been exclusively talking from the perspective of the company, understanding the mentality of the users will also help in understanding the facts better. Nowadays, when almost every three out of four teenagers have Smartphone’s and access to internet connection, most of them prefer to use Facebook on their mobiles and not desktops and computers. This is due to the fact that with Facebook on mobile, they can constantly be on the run and still never lose any news-feed or updates from their friends or colleagues.

The other factors that have teamed up to boost the acceptability of this social networking application over the others are its convenience to use. All it needs is a click and any one can log in their accounts. With the acquisition of Instagram and the availability of various games and applications that can be accessed right from the mobile phone, more and more youngsters are shying away from using any other social media apps and lunging to be a part of Facebook.

fbphone, Facebook Phone

Talking about internet connection, the Facebook application already runs perfectly on 3G networks and with 4G offering superior advantages and growing dramatically over the past years has attracted a high percentage of users that prefer portability with the use of a phone or tablet over a laptop that was once considered the only option for outdoor internet access.

3G and 4G wireless networks have introduced some powerful advantages and if you visit the iinet mobile broadband page you will be surprised to see that not only more than 95% of the population is enjoying fast internet speed outdoor but even allowing a user to stay connected in underground metro stations.

With recent leaks over the web of an upcoming 5G technology vision that could become reality before 2020, Facebook could not have chosen a better time to plan an enter in the mobile market that will lead to further increase in traffic for the social giant.

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