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Published on March 22nd, 2013 | by John I.


Features and capabilities you should consider when buying an iPad

Tablets appear to be taking the electronic world by storm, and as one new style emerges, another seems to follow shortly after. With this in mind, you may be wondering ‘what features should I look out for when buying a new tablet?’


The first thing to look out is their portability. One of the reason iPads, Touch Pads and Android tablets are so popular is due to their convenient size. They appear slightly bigger than that of a smartphone yet are still streamline enough to slide effortlessly into a small bag.

Unlike a portable laptop, tablets are completely flat in style, which makes them extremely easy to use whilst out and about. The compact touch screen makes using the tablet on the move a hassle-free process.

When it comes to deciding between a variety of different models, try your options out for size. Comparing the ergonomics of each device will allow you to see how the tablet feels in your hands. If you already own an older model, you may wish to upgrade. This doesn’t however mean losing out on what you paid for your initial purchase. For example, if you wish to sell iPad devices online, sites such as Music Magpie will enable you to do this.



There is something a little more natural about reaching for your tablet as opposed to starting up a computer, especially when carrying out basic tasks. This applies to both the office and the home environment. If you have a few applications in mind, check the tablet in question boasts the capabilities to operate such applications.

Installing apps on a tablet device is a much easier process than that of installing them on a laptop – registration codes and product keys are non-existent and with an active Internet connection, the download will usually take a matter of minutes.

Many using an iPad or touch screen tablet in the office will employ it as a second screen. When you have a number of windows open on your desktop computer, checking your email and jotting down notes can become a chore. Using a tablet however, will allow you to carry out these tasks in a hassle-free manner.


As well as using a tablet for the likes of everyday work-related tasks, such a device also boasts an entertaining side. Tablets are basically made up of a large screen, which makes them extremely useful when it comes to watching movies and taking part in games (you can even play against fellow colleagues and friends).

The beauty of a tablet however is the fact that videos and movies can be streamed directly from the likes of an iTunes library, which means your device’s internal memory stays free!

Touch-based controls make playing on a number of hit applications a much more hands on experience, which in turn allows developers to create extremely innovative and imaginative games.

As an individual very interested in the advances in technology, especially when it comes to gaming, I’m constantly on the lookout for new applications. Checking forums and the iTunes store allows me to stay up-to-date with all of the latest releases and even when I choose to sell my iPad or other devices online I know the evolving nature of technology will give me plenty of other gadgets to invest in instead.


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