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Published on March 27th, 2014 | by John I.


Futuristic Business Cards

Many of us tend to handle our business affairs and networking online, we use Linkedin, Twitter, and Google+ to connect to potential clients and to self-advertise. However, despite the fact we try and do so much online, business cards are still a popular means of doing all of the above, and better still, you can carry it around it your pocket. When you have a gerat idea or invention like this, consult first with startup attorneys. Due to this rekindling of ‘romance’ with the tried, tested, and trusted business card, companies and businesses are finding new, innovative ways to bring their cards into the 21st century.

Many PR companies, like this public relations nyc firm are working on new and innovative ways to reach their target audience. Reaching as many of the right people as possible is crucial, but that solid first impression is just as important after all. Activa Media has perfectly bridged the gap between traditional and contemporary business cards, which delivers a final result that has everyone stopping and taking notice. Much like old fashioned business cards, all the individuals contact details, position in the company, and name are printed with the most popular banner options, however, it’s the design itself that makes it so modern and futuristic. According to Cardzgroup, they’ve designed a card that looks like an iPhone lock screen, using their own personal picture as the ‘background’ of the phone, and the backside of the card as the contacts page in your iPhone address book. It is simple yet pure genius, not to mention it perfectly presents their modern connection with media.

Another brilliant futuristic business card example is that of Yuka Suzuki, a hair and makeup artist. Although Suzuki keeps the rectangular shape, she does so in a way that permits her to add different textures to her card, which in turn also links to her business. The design on the card, an outline of a woman, is finished off with the use of hair grips as the models hair. It’s a smart design tactic that goes along way, and that helps to show that business cards are very much an aspect of our future, not just of our past.

What both of the examples show, more than anything, is that printed business cards are just as dominate as they was 40 years ago. It’s all about what you put into your design that makes a business card work, not whether it’s fancy 3D or not. There are plenty of designs on instantprint that fit your business needs perfectly. Furthermore, due to their exceptional website, you can completely customise your own design, meaning you can add as much or as little of your personality into the final product.


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