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Published on December 17th, 2012 | by John I.


Google stops the Exchange ActiveSync support

Google announced that they have come to a decision to drop Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync support  protocol. Google also announced a date and they will be pulling the plug on the 30th January. The gigantic company also announced that they will no longer invest in the Windows phone in general or Windows 8 mobile apps since they believe is not successful and the “users are not there.”

Google’s business app accounts will not be affected as well as the devices that have already been configured to synchronize mail, calendar and contacts will operate normally, but new devices will not be able to use the Protocol of Exchange ActiveSync with Gmail. This is considered a “Shock move for Windows Phones by Google.”

 The iOS includes support for IMAP and Gmail apps, as well as support for standards CalDAV and CardDAV calendar for the contacts, but Microsoft chose not to support this on the Windows 8 Phones. .

 Microsoft has more than one month in which to offer its customers a reliable and permanent solution that will eventually be forced to support standards CalDAV and CardDAV, because if they chose to ignore the sync Gmail calendar and contacts, this will be considered “rejection” of customers and users who use the popular services of Google.

As for Google’s Gmail the IMAP solution even without “push” support but with synchronization every 15 minutes, is the only satisfactory solution until Google decide to build a Windows Phone 8 app.

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