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Published on November 27th, 2012 | by John I.


Guest Post: Getting Ahead With Remote Administration Software

Remote administration software delivers the flexibility and business continuity companies need through a range of robust features. Computer support technicians and businesses benefit significantly by implementing this increasingly popular software. Small and large organizations, in addition to enterprises, can take advantage of remote technology and improve their information technology resources, ensure fewer production interruptions and manage large networks using innovative features.

What Is Remote Administration Software?

Businesses rely heavily on their information technology, from data collection and management to information processing, each company has its own unique requirements. Medium, large and enterprise businesses generally employ networking frameworks that connect multiple laptops, desktops and other devices separated by geography. Ensuring that employees have uninterrupted access to resources or information can make the difference between a day of profit and a significant loss of revenue. In many situations, different technologies experience hiccups and computer support technicians save the day–if they are in close proximity to the problem.

Remote administration software provides a link between a computer support technician, and end user and the failing technology. Essentially, remote support applications allow the support technician to analyze, troubleshoot, repair and manage computers from afar.

How Can Remote Administration Software Help My Company Get Ahead?

Business continuity planning requires an in-depth review of services, technologies and information to ensure your customers, employees and shareholders can access what they need. If your company experiences server disruptions or database applications stop working, your company might face a problem that snowballs and quickly deteriorates.

Getting ahead with remote administration software is simple. Your company will spend less time and money sending support personnel to different locations to solve problems. Support technicians can also perform maintenance or solve problems during times when the business is closed. Furthermore, remote support delivers efficient and accurate support; the software mimics real-time, over-the-shoulder support through an instant connection.

What Features Does Remote Administration Software Offer?

Remote support software offers a number of features that increase productivity and make the computer administration process easier. For example, the desktop remote control feature provides a reliable way to connect directly to a desktop and troubleshoot problems with the system. In addition, the remote control feature offers chat sessions with the end user and one-click screen capture. Other features include Active Directory management, Windows configuration export and remote Windows administration.

Implementing solid remote administration software helps companies get ahead. Business continuity plans should always include remote support and administration considerations.

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