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Published on October 27th, 2013 | by John I.


High-Tech innovations will change the way you work

If you have not noticed the role of technology in the turnover of business companies in modern day, then you had better rethink your strategies. Leading CEOs around the world will tell you that technology is the single most important factor that determines the growth of business nowadays. It is reported that there have been more innovations in the last 50 years than were ever realized in 5000 years earlier. Businesses hoping and looking to make an impact in future should look out for the following innovations. They could be the determinants of the blue chips of tomorrow.

Body Heat Biometric Security 

Biometrics has been with us for some time now. The technology has been put to use in many firms for security purposes. It has been deployed to effectively prevent fraud. It is based on the principle of an accurate database of peculiar physical characteristics of individuals. It works by converting an individual’s image f a section of the body and converting it to a digital code. Some of the common physical features used in this innovation include eyes face and fingerprints.

biometric security

In fact, biotechnology has been touted as the next best security stopgap for online transactions. It combines convenience with security principles that cannot be easily replicated. Consumer fears over trading online may, well, be on their downward trend or even becoming a thing of the past.

Ray of Hope Fiber-less Optical Networks 

The future is full of promise for those with a knack for technological business ideas and innovations. The term last mile is an eyesore in the LAN and WAN technology. The link has served its purpose but it is quite unreliable. Traffic signals are known to cause serious jams that slow and even curtail business often time.


Optical fiber infrastructure has been the only better option but the sheer cost of laying it is enough to scare medium businesses. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. If what optical switching and micro photonics has offered in the recent past is anything to go by, then the last mile problem is well on its way to being solved. Alternatively, there has also been TeraBeam Networks. The system facilitates the transmission of signals across the last mile via a light beam. It is significantly faster and more efficient.

Wired and Emotional Human-Computer Interaction 

The primary objective is to elevate the ability of computers to react to human non-verbal actions. For instance, according to IBMs innovation team, the interface between humans and computers can be pushed to a near human-human scenario. IBM intends to make interaction with computers more personal. For instance, software that detects such subtle human actions as eye movement, stares and glares is being developed. It is thought that such software should be able to read nonverbal reactions, and suggest instant direction the user should take in order to access what they want. If you think this is too futuristic, you are wrong.


IBM hopes to roll eye-tracking technology out on the wider market in as short a period as 5 years.

These ideas are simply a tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more, in the world of technology, that business firms should look out for in the future if they intend to keep ahead of the pack, or at least stay afloat.

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