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Published on December 8th, 2012 | by John I.


Higher Salaries Expected for Tech Jobs in 2013

According to new research data, information Industry professions who are looking for higher salaries next year should consider getting a job in mobile application development. A study conducted by Robert Half Technology indicates that mobile application developers will be in demand in 2013 and the expected starting salary for such professionals is expected to increase by 9% in the following year, causing the salaries of mobile app developers to increase from £57.000 to an impressive £82.500

In addition to salary increases the research data also shows that as companies increase their IT infrastructure and digital capabilities, it’s also very likely that other IT related jobs will generate above average salary gains in the coming year. Experts in the IT industry believe that salaries will rise for personnel who are able to leverage new mobile app technologies to achieve three major goals for IT companies. These goals are:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Development of New Business Insights
  • Produce Superior Experience

The truth is that there are simply not enough IT professionals who can fill different specialized areas of development, and this is the reason why compensation levels for these specialists are increasing. Other job positions which are expected to rise in 2013 include:

Business Intelligence and Information Analysts – These specialists are tasked with gathering and analyzing data to help business leaders formulate critical decisions. Their expected starting pay in 2013 is expected to be between £55.000 to £81000.

Network Architects – These specialists are in charge of communication infrastructure and are tasked with analyzing critical application requirements for corporate networks and other related infrastructure. Network Architects are expected to have an average income of between £62.000 to £91.000.

Interactive Creative Directors – These professionals are expected to have excellent leadership skills as well as digital expertise to manage different IT teams. Interactive Creative Directors can expect an average salary of between £55.000 to £98.000 this coming year.

Interaction Designers – These specialists are expected to improve user online experience by understanding user behavior and how they relate to products. Experienced designers can expect an initial salary package of between £32.000 to £48.000.

UX Designers – UX stands for “User Experience” and these specialists are expected to create impressive digital “experiences” for their users and clients. UX designers can expect a starting compensation package of between £45.000 to £68.000.

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