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Published on March 31st, 2014 | by John I.


How CAD conversion software is changing the way we design

Computer-aided design, or CAD as most of us know it, has radically changed the way we design. By allowing three-dimensional design on a computer, designers are able to create, modify, analyse and optimise any design, without the need to construct a physical version at any stage. This has made the design process faster, less costly and more efficient at almost every level.

CAD designs use vector-based graphics to depict the objects, showing their overall appearance. However, it is more than just shapes, as CAD must also convey information about factors such as materials, processes, dimensions and tolerance factors. It has practical benefits in almost every area of design and manufacture and has rapidly become industry-standard operation methodology.

It has also allowed designers to work more collaboratively with one another and create a database for manufacturing. Designs are simply stored as electronic files and used and opened as is desired.

The problem with CAD

The major problem with CAD is that there is no standardised programme for designing. With a number of different programmes in use, each with its own subtleties and operating methods, designers tend to specialise in one or two rather than all. Seeing as the programmes are often prohibitively expensive, working with more programmes becomes increasingly difficult

What this means is that CAD files stored in one file format cannot be translated accurately into another. Information is lost in the conversion process that results in flaws appearing on the designs.

The solution

However, there is a solution to working with a number of different CAD file formats. Thanks to bespoke software development in UK, companies like TransMagic, it is now possible to translate files from one format to another. It is even possible to achieve PDF to CAD conversion with TransMagic.

This allows multi-format operability and opens the doors to a vast number of programme and file types for CAD designers. Rather than facing the cost and time of understanding many programme types, designers can now excel in all using accurate conversion software.

By using geometry mapping techniques, TransMagic accurately converts information without the flaws, avoiding stitching errors by slightly overlapping misaligned areas and removing duplicate control points and vertices. So, if you work with CAD technology and have been frustrated by poor conversion, then this may be the solution to your problems.



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