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Published on April 4th, 2013 | by John I.


How do Superheroes manage their data?

We can all appreciate how important data privacy is to our daily lives. We shudder at the prospect of some unscrupulous individual acquiring our passwords or bank account numbers.  If we take this feeling and extrapolate it by infinity, we may understand a bit of how important data protection is to a superhero.  So, then, how do they manage such a monumental task while simultaneously protecting mankind?

The X-Men – Academic


Existing directly below Charles Xavier’s school for gifted children lies a supercomputer that would be the envy of any IT enthusiast. Dubbed Cerebro, this facility not only contains a mentally controlled virtual reality device but also a computerised training facility for the X-men team.  The computing power alone must make the University of Southern California’s supercomputer look like an abacus.  Finally, considering some of the functions are directly controlled by Professor X’s thoughts alone, it stands to reason that his private data is relatively secure.

Fantastic four’s Reed Richards – Government Researcher

Fantastic Four - comic

This member of the Fantastic Four finds it relatively easy to keep his day job’s performance at optimum levels.  Although he does indeed handle quite a bit of information, a team of private government security team handles most of his data.  Although this leaves him free to pursue his crime fighting life, it can only be assumed that the others who handle his data are rather extremely qualified for their positions.  Think of this as an effective third party management platform.

The Hulk – Always on the move


Bruce Banner has a rather unique problem.  He possesses data that may very well determine the future of his research into ridding himself of his alter-ego, but he is constantly on the move.  While doctor Banner is by all means a genius, he cannot be expected to remember every kilobyte of information.  So, how does he keep so much data readily available for access at any given time?  Furthermore, when transforming into the menacing green beast, physical data protection must be considered.  Besides having a rather large external hard drive or memory stick, these devices must be designed to withstand the occasional bump or rattle.

Batman and Ironman – Military/Industrial complex


Finally, the two superheroes that are obviously most concerned about data privacy and storage are both Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark.  Not only do they lead double lives but both are outwardly involved in legitimate industrial research and development projects on a massive scale.  However, it is well-known that Tony Stark is directly involved with weapons research while Bruce Wayne provides clandestine solutions for the government.


This presents Bruce Wayne with a particular need for privacy that he didn’t have to bother about in the TV series; therefore the reason for the bat cave and its massive computer farm built directly into the side of a mountain (much in the same way that Iron Mountain handles secure data).  This leaves Tony Stark with the rather enviable ability to have his dream lab located in a spacious, well-lit environment free of bats.  Either way, both individuals need to be assured that their sensitive information is kept under the watchful electronic eye of their technology.

Although not many reading this article are superheroes, we can all appreciate the need for data protection and a way to safely and effectively store our data.  Not all of us have a bat cave or an indestructible USB stick, so instead we must rely on the training and expertise of a professional data storage provider.

Josh Cooke has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years.  In recent year his focus has been on IT Security which has gained importance as the Internet has grown.  He is an avid follower of the latest gadgets and advancements in the technology industry.


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