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Published on December 12th, 2012 | by John I.


How Google services have managed to change our lifestyle

There are only a few companies around the globe that can easily affirm they changed people’s life forever. One of these big corporations is Google. They offer a wide variety of services, while provides you at the same time a much easier life, making impossible for many of us to think how would be our life today without them. In this article I will explore some of the most important services and tools that Google provides you and how is they had changed your life.

First a little bit of history

Google is definitely not the same as it was when it started as a search engine by Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded in 1996. Since then it had an exponential growth in terms of new services and innovative products. At the time Yahoo and Altavista were leaders on the search-engine market, providing people with an useful tool to collect and retrieve information available in Internet. In order to be competitive, Google reinvented the way in which people can search the web more efficiently and particularly more accurate than its competition.

However that is not enough to compete against new players or even the old ones always looking for ways to improve their situation. For this reason, Google began to design and create new services in order to stay ahead. In consequence the offer of services that Google provides now is huge and it is not possible to cover all in detail in this article. Nevertheless I will describe the most usual and useful ones that changed forever the face of the web.

Taking the office in your pocket

Some of the services Google help revolutionized was the e-mail. Prior Gmail service there were other e-mail providers using web interfaces like Hotmail for example. The big change took place when Google decided to offer a ever-growing to almost unlimited virtual space for your emails, making possible to store your valuable e-mails on-line, without worrying about disk quota and this way without losing any important communication. Thanks to this Gmail marked the pace to other email providers which wanted to keep relevant for their customers.

Another service that improved the way we work from home was Google Docs. This service was designed to read your documents stored locally or remotely using an Internet connection. However it made possible for people to collaborate on-line too, comparing notes and adding their own contributions. This definitely changed the way we used to work and opened up a whole world of opportunities working on-line.

In a similar fashion, Google Voice offered a way to talk with people over the Internet for free. You can besides receive and make calls to and from your mobile phone at a very low price. Looking at these three mentioned services you can easily take your work home, or everywhere using a mobile or smart phone. These Google services in conclusion made teleworking a reality.

Mapping your world

However Google doesn’t only change the web for work, but for entertainment and to get informed too. One of these services that changed our world vision is Google Earth. This service is useful to locate places, businesses, give addresses and so on. You can see exotic lands from your peaceful home or just look where is the nicest place to take a drink after work.
While Google Earth is a program that shows an Earth’s general aspect, Google Maps focus more in the urban side of those maps. Do you need a best route to drive between two points? Fine, Google Maps can show you how. Are you in a foreign land and you feel lost? No problem, with some clues you can easily guess where you are. Do you wanna visit the new supermarket in town, but you are not quite sure where exactly is. That’s a piece of cake with Google Maps. Recently I even traced some jogging routes thanks to this service and even planned how many miles to train.

An extension for these services is Google Street View. You can see pictures of people’s homes and stores around the world that updates everyday. As you can see all these Google services had made your life much easier an even essential for most of your daily tasks.

Tools that changed the web

These tools could seem more abstract for users as the services described before, however their impact are huge and in some ways changed dramatically the way in where we used to surf the web. In addition, these tools made possible to have an even more accessible web for people.

Google released its web browser Google Chrome as a way to compete with MS IExplorer. Thanks to this lightweight browse,r now is possible to surf the web faster, safer and much more stable than its competitors. Although there are already other programs that compete successfully against Microsoft, the main advantage that changed the game for Google was the way in which Google Chrome integrates all those services, making it more convenient for the user.

Another seemly unrelated event that transformed the web was the release of Android. Google understood that the even more frequent use of mobile phones and the fast pace in technology development are making everyday our Desktop computers a thing of the past. Smart phones, tablets and Ultrabooks are not buzz words anymore, but a whole new way to take advantage of computing. For this reason Google developed Android, its brand new Operating System (OS) that is nowadays widespread in thousands of gadgets around the world.

Due to this move Google is now Apple’s main competitor in the Apps market, selling millions of dollars everyday in paid apps like games, providing Google and to many Android developers a whole new way to earn money through the web.

In Conclusion

Essentially Google started from its very beginnings as a company which offered people not only top-notch services, but an improved version of those existing ones in the market. That was that make Google the biggest leader in the market. Today and thanks to its optimized services we can enjoy a whole new different web face than it used to be ten years ago.

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