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Tech care for your smart watch

Published on February 23rd, 2016 | by John I.


How to care for your Smart watch

Smartwatches are a big thing. Or at least they have become massive things in the past 5 years. From fitness measuring machines to and everything in between Apple Watches. Unlike a phone, they are constantly attached to us (literally) and they may need a little more looking after.

First of all not all smartwatches are shockproof. Neither are phones, but when you fall over the first thing you do is put your hands out in an attempt to block your fall. What I am trying to say is that maybe you should consider not wearing it on nights out, when drunk or tipsy. The screens are designed to be touched and therefore scratches cracks or any other sort of damage will greatly reduce the usefulness of the watch. On other tech related news, Check Our Favorite Handheld Long Range Two Way Radios

Secondly remember they are electronics. Most watches are waterproof or at least water resistant. Always take your smartwatch off when showering/ bathing or going for a swim. If you are outside during a rainfall simply pull your sleeve up. Although it probably won’t do much damage repeated exposure to moisture can damage the electronics.

watch mechanism

If you choose to use a leather strap with your smartwatch, it is important to know that you should probably take the standard leather watch strap care. For example, if a watch is exposed to moisture such as water or sweat for a prolonged period of time it may result in a mould or a bad odour.
There are a few basic tips to avoiding this, such as using leather conditioner on the strap on a regular basis. Usually we would also recommend taking a watch off at night to allow the leather to breathe, however since you will have to do it anyway, to charge the device it doesn’t really matter.

Lastly remember that rubber watches and hinges can accumulate dried sweat and grime over time. Check out our watch care section at for more guides on watch care.

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