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Published on June 21st, 2012 | by John I.

IBM: We will soon control our devices with the mind

IBM released its forecast for the advancement of technology over the next five years. Among these, the company claims that in a few years people will be able to do many things using the power of the mind alone.

That does not mean that we can penetrate the minds of friends or enemies to learn their secrets! The prediction of IBM regards the control of electronics. The researchers of IBM are confident that in five years or so we will have the technology needed to make phone calls simply by bringing to mind the person we want to speak to, or use the cursor mouse.

At the same time, IBM estimates that between the years 2016-17, the use of biometrics will have progressed so much that will radically change the way we interact with the Internet and banking networks. So we will no longer need to have passwords to enter in our favourite sites or withdraw money from an ATM – you will only need one scan of the eyes iris.

Of course, the eyes iris scan project is expected to stir up a storm of reactions, as many are those who argue that such methods threaten personal freedom.


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