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Published on January 14th, 2013 | by John I.


Imagine The Future Smartphone Features

For the most part, Apple’s smartphone lineup, iPhone, is considered as the leader in this part of technological industry. However, for this year there are some elements that are regarded as significant in terms of who lead the pack. For instance, although iPhone is perhaps regarded as the frontrunner, Samsung’s product has been topping the charts for some months recently. Therefore, it cannot be said that iPhone truly is the leading brand this year.

In reality, the company that can surpass the others and can sustain its lead on the market is the one who can produce the best and innovative smartphone in the future. Here are the features that would make a future smartphone unique, advanced, and highly functional for consumers.

Separate and Distinct Personalities with Protected Walls

Nowadays, having and using two phones is ideal. Usually one is used for personal purposes while the other is for business functions. Thus, for this reason, it is best to have a phone that can include two numbers,but with different and separate personalities that the user can easily access and switch back and effort. Such separate personalities should be protected from each other with different security protocols so that each personality cannot infringe the other.

Cheaper International Roaming Costs

Many users of smartphones usually travel from one country to another and this can create huge expenses. So for the next-gen smartphone, it would be ideal to have one that can be charged and loaded at local rates in order to significantly lessen phone costs.

Simulated PBX

Integrated VoIP Private Branch Exchange is a capability that would allow response and forwarding functions into a possibility. This integration would make future smartphones into a more functional gadget.

Beside the above mentioned features, the next-gen smartphones should also feature more technologically advanced hardware that hadn’t been offered before. Examples of these features are: better charging function, improved security, and better camera functions. So, if you are not using a smartphone just yet, why don’t you sell old mobile and changed it to a new next-gen smartphone instead?

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  1. jack says:

    You should check this post out it talks about a new touch screen technology that i am sure will be featured in all touch screen devices very soon!

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