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Published on December 21st, 2012 | by John I.


Intelligent software to help you manage your business contacts

Whatever’s involved in your business, managing your network is absolutely essential when it comes to making sure that everything is running as smoothly as possible. It’s not what you know, but who you know, as the old saying goes; and when there’s a significant cash flow on the line, it’s definitely a case of who you employ.

Keeping up with what’s going on in your own company is something that not everyone does; the temptation to just assume that everything is running smoothly can be too much for some MDs.

Nowadays most business is conducted via a computer, and with the amount of your business’ data that’s kept on a computer hard drive and in email attachments, it’s only right that business owners are keeping track of employee affairs and human resourcing concerns via performance evaluation software too.

As with most important data, it’s vital that you keep backups of all the information regarding your company; especially when it pertains to your staff. For this reason, leading software companies are beginning to offer performance evaluation solutions that store your data in the cloud, as well as on your computer infrastructure.

When it comes to the way your staff operates, there’s now software available to help you every step of the way – from the likes of advanced email clients and contact management applications, that can store large amounts of information about a person or business; to more outlandish management applications that can help employers to keep track of their employees’ online movements throughout the working day, making it much easier to estimate where any given project is up to.

Managing contacts is easier than ever. Apps like Rapportive for Gmail mean that you can find out a wealth of information connected to any email address while in conversation, saving you plenty of time researching a potential employee; business partner; or client. Information available from phone numbers and social media such as LinkedIn accounts is easily accessible with a variety of contact management software solutions.

In a professional capacity, there are advantages of performance management software, not just for MDs and Human Resourcing, but for employees too. With the option of tracking emails, personal goals and development plans, and plenty more; among the main advantages is helping employees to feel connected to the company as a whole. Letting staff know where they stand is the best way to help them build on those foundations for the future.

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