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Tech ipad 4 and ipad mini

Published on October 25th, 2012 | by John I.


iPad mini and iPad 4 officially announced

At Apple’s recent event titled “We’ve got a little more to show you” the new iPad mini tablet from was announced and finally putting an end to the long lasting rumours. At the live event, Apple surprisingly also announced an upgraded 4th generation iPad!
Let’s have a closer look at both these new devices.

iPad Mini

The new iPad mini with a 7.9 inch screen and 1024 × 768 resolution and 163ppi (pixels per inch), as opposed to the iPad 2 which had 132ppi. The iPad mini will have a height of 200 mm, width 134,7 mm, thickness 7.2 mm and will weigh 308 grams for the WiFi version and 312gr for the WiFi + Cellular. It will be released in two colours, white and black.

The iPad mini will include a dual core A5 processor, as found on the iPad 2. Also worth mentioning is the new type of lightning connector that will be integrated in the iPad mini like the iPhone 5, iPad mini will also support the new card types Nano-SIM.

iPad 4rth Generation

As mentioned above an iPad 4 was announced coming to replace the current model only 7 months after the release of the iPad 3.

The new 4th generation iPad incorporates impressive technical specifications, apart from the excellent Retina display (introduced also on the iPad 3), the upgraded version will include the A6X an impressive powerful processor almost two times faster than the previous iPad processor. It is also known that the integrated graphics card will be most powerful than any other tablets else on the market. The new lightning connector and global operation of LTE will also be included!

The design will be more or less the same with a height of 24.1 mm a width of 185.7 mm and will weight 652 gr.

Official Prices by Location Announced

Below you can have a first look at the retail prices of the iPad 4 and iPad mini for America and the largest European countries. Both models can be pre-ordered.

iPad mini USA
iPad mini Wi-Fi 16GB: 329$
iPad mini Wi-Fi 32GB: 429$
iPad mini Wi-Fi 64GB: 529$
iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular 16GB: 459$
iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular 32GB: 559$
iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular 64GB: 659$
iPad mini UK
iPad mini Wi-Fi 16GB: £269
iPad mini Wi-Fi 32GB: £349
iPad mini France – Germany
iPad mini Wi-Fi 16GB: €329
iPad mini Wi-Fi 32GB: €429
iPad 4 USA
iPad 4 Wi-Fi 16GB: 499$
iPad 4 Wi-Fi 32GB: 599$
iPad 4 Wi-Fi 64GB: 699$
iPad 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular 16GB: 629$
iPad 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular 32GB: 729$
iPad 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular 64GB: 829$
iPad 4 UK
iPad 4 Wi-Fi 16GB: £399
iPad 4 Wi-Fi 32GB: £479
iPad 4 France – Germany
iPad 4 Wi-Fi 16GB: €499
iPad 4 Wi-Fi 32GB: €599

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2 Responses to iPad mini and iPad 4 officially announced

  1. jack says:

    269 Pounds for the mini? are you serious? firstly if i had bought the ipad 3 I would feel incredibly disappointed and secondly why would I buy a mini when I can buy a new nexus for half that?

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