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Published on June 20th, 2013 | by John I.


iPhone 6: are you ready to bite the next generation Apple yet?

In the recent past, there has been a revolution in the field of mobile phones. Hundreds of models from different manufacturers are hitting the market almost every month. Similarly, the features of the new generation mobiles are also getting much more user friendly and are offering irresistible specs that one could only imagine in their dreams, few years back. Even the cell phone users are also continuously changing their older mobiles as soon as a new model hits the market, especially in case of iPhones.


Keeping in mind the rapid changes in the technology of mobile phones, manufacturers of mobile accessories are also getting futuristic and are coming up with innovative ideas such as custom made mobile cases, green batteries, foldable screens etc. The following information about the iPhone 6′s specifications, features and the new operating system iOS 7 may help iPhone lovers to understand what to expect from the Apple’s new generation mobile phone.

Expected Specifications and Features of iPhone 6

Screen: Rumor is that the iPhone 6 will be using a bigger screen, probably, 4.8 inches, as with the price depending in where you get it  you can find a Cheap iPhone 6. If this is the case, the new phone from apple will appear to be in the same size as that of HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. With the help of this bigger screen apple can now move on to a Full High definition screen resolution of 1920 X1080 or even beyond it.



Gaze Detection: It is believed that the new iPhone 6 will posses gaze detection technology which allows less battery consumption. Mobile phones that have bigger screens are expected to have powerful batteries that last long and features that allow minimal battery consumption. Apple is trying to save on the power with this gaze detection technology which will pause the video and switches off the screen when you are looking away.

Mobile Casing: Apple is expected to have plastic mobile cases mixed with metal for its new iPhone. It is also believed that these cases will be transparent so the internal parts of the mobile can be seen through the casing.

Camera: Now-a-days, most people prefer to shoot videos and take photographs with their mobile cameras compared to their compact cameras. Keeping this in mind, Apple is said to sport an eighteen mega pixel camera in its latest venture. Increasing the resolution may result in noise though there is less light per pixel. Apple is trying to fix this problem with a lens having much faster aperture. The new iPhone may have an f2.2/f2.0 that encourages photography even when there is not enough light.


Storage Capacity: With the launch of the new iPad 4 that has 128GB storage capacity, iPhone 6 is said to walk on the similar ground and have an inbuilt 128 GB storage.

Processor: Though it is difficult to guess what processor is going to be used in the new iPhone 6, it is expected that it will have quad-core Apple A7 that uses ARM Cortex based cores as its new processor. This processor is much faster compared to the dual core A6 processor that the iPhone 5 posses.

So with the all new iOS 7, iPhone6 is not the only one that is more capable, we are, too!!

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