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Published on November 28th, 2012 | by John I.


Is Technology Addiction Making Humans “Evolve” to Become Stupider

Wherever your eyes glimpse today—you can see evidences that humanity is invaded with the power of technology. You are surrounded by things that aim to make your life easier and more convenient. Yet, is technology all about “perks”, or does it make the humans look more stupid. Read about it.

Do you ever remember those times where gentlemen use take off their hats and say; “How are you doing’, Sir?”. As for the technological world at present time, the scenario goes on where men would take their headphones off and says, “Hey, what’s up?”. Chances are after you say as much as only two sentences that person will put his headphones back and will instead listen to whatever is playing on his iPod. Whereas years ago, as soon as someone ask you how you are doing, it will become a good start of an enjoyable conversation.

On another scenario, let’s put up the benefits and idiotic perks of having elevators around. Did you ever experience where you are wanting to go to the 30th floor yet it took forever for you to be able to insert yourself on an elevator. You may be able to find a place in that “magical” ladder on where a group of noisy people is in there too. Just to find out that they were only stopping on the second floor. Maybe you thought that they could have instead used the staircase, right? Or have you ever seen your neighbor driving their car even if the destination was actually just a few meters away from their home?

Indeed, technology makes the humanity lazier.

On the brighter side of the story, technology has helped us a lot. There are too many privileges that technology had offer us. It practically makes living on Earth easier. The reason why some people looks “stupider” is because they do not utilize its power in the right way and they let technology eat up the sane parts of their brains.


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