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A first look at Microsoft’s new Surface Tablet

Microsoft announced the first tablet called “Surface“, which is intended to compete Apple’s popular iPad.

So far two versions of Surface have been announced. “Surface” and “Surface Pro”. “Surface” Will use an AMR CPU and will be operated by Windows RT. “Surface Pro” will use an Intel CPU and run the upcoming operating system Windows 8 people have been having some issues with the new windows software if you run into the error message then click the link above to resolve it. Microsoft’s tablet will be available in a variety of colours.

The innovative feature of Surface is the removable protective screen cover that incorporates the keyboard and track pad of the device. Microsoft has announced two keyboard type covers for Surface: Touch Cover and Type Cover. Both of these keyboard types when folded they serve as protective screen cover and are connected to Surface using a magnetic strip. Once opened the protective covers are keyboards.
The Touch Cover will have a thickness of 3 mm and include a touch-sensitive keyboard. The Type Cover is a little thicker including a tactile keyboard. Both keyboards include gyroscope and accelerometer sensors. Both also have a multitouch touch pad.

Microsoft has equipped Surface with two USB ports for connecting peripheral devices such as printers and secondary monitors. On the back of Surface Microsoft has a built-in support that allows the device to be used upright as a laptop. The thickness of the device does not exceed a 9.3mm while both Surface and Surface Pro will have amazing colourful HD screens of 10.6″ display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Surface is equipped with two cameras, one is found on the front of the device and the other on the back of the device. There will be two models with memories of 64 and 128 Gigabytes.

Microsoft has not announced the release date or price of the new tablet.
The Official Microsoft Surface video can be found below.

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