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Published on November 12th, 2012 | by John I.


Mobile Technology With Many Great Features

The last 5 years have seen fantastic leaps in mobile technology with phones being able to do more now than we ever thought they would be able to. Because of this the market has had a huge increase in sales; this is down to companies like Apple and Android pushing not only the hardware inside the phones but most importantly the software that runs everything. Making this software easy to use for all types of people is the key to making technology a success. Here are a few of the great features that you will find on any Android smartphone.

For many people the main uses of a phone is to call and text people, well in order to make these easy to find and use you will find these placed as shortcuts on your home screen. This allows you to quickly open them up and then get back to whatever you were doing. For those of you who also use email to communicate the same options are also on the home screen.

Once you are accustomed to using your phone as a phone you might want to check out the other features that it offers. For example the ability to use the built in web browser in order to surf the web in the same way that you would on your PC. With the native HTML5 support in the browser you will be able to do nearly everything on the web pages, including playing games like those found at online casinos. Indeed, many online casino are now mobile friendly so there is no need to use your phone memory, you can play as long as you are registered (Visit here to play all your favourite casino games online like idn poker, blackjack or slots).

Many people prefer to play casino games on their phones now, either in app form or in the browser, and this has led to an influx in the amount of games available. Android is still the leader for the variety of casino games available on their platform, and combined with their phones capabilities it is easy to see why so many gamers chose android.

There are many more great features on smartphones and it is easy to find a plethora of information by jut doing a simple online search. Each of the other companies such as Apple offer great products also with different pros and cons so finding a phone for your needs will always be easy.


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