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Published on March 17th, 2013 | by John I.


Most popular Hi-Tech Cities in the World

Many cities around the world became famous secondary to technological inventions. Some destinations have tech companies that incorporate visitor centres within the location, which enables guests to explore the evolution of products and technology. The technological ingenuity of other cities becomes apparent throughout the location through architecture, gadgets or transportation methods that serve to make life more interesting.

Museums in well-known tech cities often incorporate technological advances into exhibits or feature displays that focus on historic or popular technology. Explore the attraction possibilities in these top high tech cities.


Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba are some of the brand names that made the city famous. While visiting Tokyo, guests have the opportunity of viewing the latest technological wonders on the planet. Sony has a showroom just blocks away from the Imperial Palace. Displays include examples of past and present Sony products.

The Toshiba exhibition centre features a vast array of electronic and household devices unique to the company. Venture to Odaiba and visit the Panasonic Centre that showcases the latest ideas developed by the Matsushita Group. The auto glass replacement cincinnati oh lies within close proximity and offers visitors the chance to see the newest vehicles created by the manufacturer.



Technological attractions found in Singapore span everything from architecture to science. The Singapore Science Centre houses over 850 exhibits arranged in various galleries. The facility also features the five-story tall Omni-Theatre that stretches a full 180 degrees and combined with 72 amplifiers, provides a thrilling experience for guests. The Helix Bridge on Marina Bay reminds many of a massive DNA structure constructed with a series of steel tubes. At night the bridge offers a brilliant display through lighting effects. The Sands SkyPark represents the city’s advances in architectural technology. Hovering 200 meters above the ground, the location offers a unique vantage point for viewing the city. The site also features landscaped gardens, a swimming pool and a world-class restaurant.


Hong Kong

While visiting most museums entails spending hours gazing at exhibits and reading information, approximately three-fourths of the hundreds of exhibits at the Hong Kong Science Museum encourage interactive participation. The many topics covered here include robotics, transportation and virtual reality.

At night, the city comes alive through the specially orchestrated Symphony of Lights display. Journey to Victoria Harbour and witness the spectacular light and sound show as 44 buildings boast illumination technology. When looking for computers, components or peripherals, many visit the Golden Computer Centre and Arcade. The location features hundreds of stores offering bargain prices on PC technology.



Home of the world famous Samsung Company, Seoul features glimpses of modern technology throughout the city. Many travel to the Samsung D’light gallery, which represents a digital playground. Browse through thousands of appliances and mobile products displaying innovative technology. While strolling along the streets, pedestrians encounter “media poles.” Equipped with touch screens, the devices provide individuals with the opportunity of playing video games and snapping personal photographs. Enter an e-mail address and send the photo anywhere in the world.


San Francisco Bay Area

The home of Silicon Valley offers many a technological destination that attract visitors. The Tech Museum of Innovation features hundreds of educational and fun hands on exhibits. Visit to learn more about new app technologies online.

The Computer History Museum presents a large collection of artefacts evolving around the computer industry. The Apple campus has a visitor’s centre and company store where fans may find any number of electronic products or mementos boasting the famous logo. Video game enthusiasts enjoy exploring the Musee Mechanque, which houses games dating back to the 1980s.
The Exploratorium lies in Pier 15 and the expansive space remains the largest interactive facility in the country and offers numerous exhibits spanning various aspects of science. If you’re looking for budget accommodation in San Francisco check out the HostelBookers website.

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