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Published on February 26th, 2013 | by John I.


New Luxurious mobile phones, are they worth it?

We are used to having seemingly luxurious mobile phones at our fingertips nowadays, with the average Smartphone costing around £500, phones are an expensive item. But none so expensive as the new offering from British phone manufacturer Vertu. This Hampshire based firm have recently released their first Smartphone that can only be described as one of the most luxurious phones the world has seen.
The Vertu Ti is made from 18 carat red gold, black titanium, ceramic and leather and each phone is hand crafted, with the makers mark on the back of each phone. So the main question is, how much will one of these phones cost? The ‘Ti’ will be retailing at £14,200, yes you did read that correctly! So apart from the materials the phone is created from, what else makes this phone worthy of such a price tag?

The ‘Ti’ is an android operated phone, only running the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version of the trusted Google operating system; why they didn’t decide to use the latest 4.2 Jelly Bean system is a question that will need answering when looking at the cost. However, let’s not forget that version 4.0 is still a good system and with this being Vertu’s first Smartphone, it really isn’t surprising that they may want to test the operating system upon the phones launch.

The one thing that the ‘Ti’ doesn’t offer is an HD display or 4G connectivity certainly 2 things that I presumed they would have insisted on giving their users. This leaves it wide open to competition from phones such as the IPhone 5 or the Galaxy S3, which let’s face it are only a fraction of the price! But there are some features on this phone that do set it apart from this tough market!

Vertu have been very vocal about how protected this phone will be, both in security features and against damage. They have used the latest encryption technology from Russia that will ensure excellent protection against theft, fraud and corruption. When spending this amount of money, being sure your data is protected is of uttermost importance. Along with this, the ‘Ti’ will be delivered to you with a Titanium casing to protect from damage caused by dropping or knocks, and a virtually scratch proof screen created from Sapphire Crystals. This is certainly needed on a phone of this kind.

The handsets specifications do set it alongside it’s competition, with a 8 mega pixel camera with a flash, 1.3MP front facing camera and a 64 MB of internal memory.

Let us not forget though, that this isn’t the most expensive phone on the market, yes that surprised me too. It is second to the Diamond Crypto Smartphone that retails at an unbelievable £834,189.

So, the Vertu Ti is certainly an expensive commodity, which has some fairly good features and second to none hand crafted build quality. However, if like the majority of us, the ‘Ti’ is simply too far out of your price range then my advice would be to visit the Virgin Mobile Phones site and browse the many Smartphones on offer, (which in my opinion are just as impressive as the Ti!)


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