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Published on May 22nd, 2013 | by John I.


Nvidia “Shield” to Take on Console Giants

The Nvidia Project Shield, now called The Nvidia Shield, is a gaming device with a hybrid controller and a multi-touch screen. It can be integrated with Android and Google play. Game enthusiasts all over the world are waiting for the launch of this much talked about device that is believed to give a strong competition to widely established Sony and Nintendo gaming devices.

The early Pre-orders for Nvidia Shield are currently open for the people who had signed up to Nvidia’s notification list, and pre-orders would be open for rest of the customeers from May 20th. The shipments to the US and Canadian customers will be released in early June.

Specifications of The Device

This gaming device is powered by Nividia’s new Tegra 4 mobile processor, and it can work with Android Jelly Bean, PCs with Nvidia’s graphic card, and TegraZone gaming store.


It has a 5 inch 720p touch screen that is useful in many games like GTA, Vice City etc. The multi-touch screen can be adjusted to many convenient angles as per one’s requirement.

It has a hybrid controller with a d-pad, two symmetrical analog sticks, triggers, bumpers and a,b,x and y buttons. Though the device seems a little bulkier than PS Vita, but as far as comfort in handling the device is concerned, it is as good as any other gaming device. Besides the analog sticks, the gamepad seems to be inspired by Xbox 360.


One of the most talked about features of this device is that it can easily stream graphically intense games through Steam on devices with compatible graphic cards.

It also has an impressive Battery Life. The Battery lasts for 4 to 5 hours for all the Tegra-Optimized games, and for other Android games it can last up to 10 hours. The battery life can exceed 20 hours if one is streaming PC games, since the PC’s graphic card already converts and relays the videos and compresses them for Nvidia Shield. One can expect a constant framerate and good visuals for most of the games.


How successful it will be?

Nvidia Shield has stirred a lot of expectations among the gamers. Its ability to play high-powered android and PC games, its multi-touch and adjustable screen, and its ability to integrate with a number of platforms are eliciting a lot of attention. Now, its success depends upon how well it will stand up to the expectations of the gamers, and how strongly it will stand against other well established and dominant gaming console giants that have made a strong foothold in the industry with their experience and their constant evolution with the market.


Nvidia Shield vs. Other Console Giants

Nvidia Shield is all set to go up against the likes of PS Vita and Nintento 3D. Although, shape wise, the device is bulkier and less portable than its immediate competitors, but it is believed to bring a drastic change in the way gamers play. As far as dethroning other console giants is concerned, we will know once the device has properly rolled out in the market and the gamers get a chance to compare it with their current favorites.

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