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Published on November 4th, 2013 | by John I.


On-demand TV: Never miss a minute in the countryside

The internet really has revolutionised the way we watch television. Not so long ago it was necessary to programme your VCR to make sure you didn’t miss your favourite show. However, thanks to the web and on-demand websites like BBC iPlayer, it’s now possible to watch a programme whenever you want to, regardless of when it was originally broadcast.

If you’re pondering relocating to the countryside, you may be worried you’ll miss out on these services due to the lack of a fast and reliable internet connection. That is no longer the case, however, as the development of satellite broadband means it’s possible to enjoy all of the benefits of the web while living the rural life.

Read on to find out more about the different on-demand services that are now available.

BBC iPlayer and 4oD

Perhaps the most popular example of an on-demand website is BBC iPlayer. Launched in 2007 this service allows you to catch up with all of the programmes that have recently been shown on any of the broadcaster’s channels at a time of your choosing. You can even tune into radio stations as well.

It’s now possible to stream programmes live as they are broadcast and if you come in halfway through, you can simply press a button and skip back to the start of the show. Another popular on-demand service is Channel 4’s 4oD website. This basically offers the same service as the BBC iPlayer, but also lets you watch whole series of some of the broadcaster’s classic programmes such as Peep Show, the Inbetweeners and Father Ted. Both ITV and Channel Five have similar channels as well.

Sky Go 

It’s not just the terrestrial channels that offer on-demand services, as Sky has also got in on the act. Its offering is called Sky Go and allows you to catch up with programmes you’ve missed and stream shows live. It works across all of the company’s offerings, so if you’re a Sky Sports or Sky Movies subscriber you will be able to watch these channels on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s also possible to download certain programmes rather than streaming them.

Films on demand

The internet has opened up a whole host of opportunities for film fans. There are a number of different services available, which allow you to pick a movie to stream from an extensive collection. Some of the most well known are LoveFilm, Netflix and the recently launched Now TV.

All of these companies charge a monthly subscription fee, but often let users take a free trial first, which means you can decide whether the service is right for you. Now TV stands out as it also offers the chance to watch Sky Sports on demand. So, if you’re not subscribed to Sky, but are desperate to watch the big game, you can purchase a pass that will allow you to stream the channel for 24 hours.

How to make the most of these services

To enjoy the benefits of these various on-demand services a fast and reliable internet connection is required. Satellite broadband is the ideal way to achieve this in the countryside, as it does not require the same level of infrastructure investment as other internet services like fibre optic

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