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Published on February 24th, 2013 | by John I.


OUYA and all you need to know

OUYA is definitely the most talked about console on the market. It already has a massive fan base, It offers great specifications, promising multimedia interface and the most important – at low cost! Lets have a closer look and see why OUYA is considered already a successful device before even released.

OUYA’s plan is to launch the first batch of consoles which are consumer ready in March, followed by consoles for retail customers in June. The console at $99 had a great impact and made a whopping $8.5 million and more on Kickstarter, compared to the original target of $950K.

OUYA Technical Specifications

The CPU of OUYA is powered by a Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with the Nvidia Tegra3, system-on-chip and graphics support by the Nvidia ULP GeForce GPU. The operating system is the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, similar to one used in the current mobiles and smartphones. It has a memory of 1GB RAM, with storage capacity of 8GB internal flash memory. The display technology is HDMI with options of 1080p, 1080i and 720p. One USB 2.0 input port and a wireless controller input are present. Wireless connectivity is supported through Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth LE 4.0 standards. In addition there is an Ethernet port. The unit is sleek and the dimensions are approximately the size of a Rubik’s cube.

XBMC on OUYA Platform

Public demand in hundreds, thousands and increasing day by day on Twitter, blogs, Facebook, Reddit and Kickstarter comments, want to have the XBox Media Center (XBMC) to work seamlessly on the OUYA platform. It was bound to happen, because majority in team OUYA support XBMC and close to one third of XBMC team members back OUYA.
Whatever the reason, XBMC team will closely work with OUYA team to make XBMC work well on the OUYA platform. OUYA’s groundwork and foundation on Android in combination with XBMC’s effort on Android will speed up efforts to integrate both. The early access of OUYA prototypes to XBMC development team will also help in speeding up the integration. The discussion between the teams has started and is progressing well. All of us are expecting exciting news on this front as talks and development progresses.

xbmc movies

Gaming and Upgrades

In an interview with Engadget, CEO Julie Urhman said that OUYA gaming console will get hardware upgrades on an annual basis. Speaking at the Design Innovate Communicate and Entertain (DICE), the annual summit focusing on video games, Urhman announced partners of new game publishers and OUYA platform. The hardware upgrade cycle will be similar to the latest smart phones, than traditional consoles and will have multi- year lifespan running into more than 10 years. OUYA is going to follow the very popular and highly successful mobile model of app/game delivery and upgrade. The submitted games will be reviewed and verified for infringement of intellectual property, malware and pornography overdose. This review and verification is going to happen quickly to enable users to stay ahead in storing more games and increasing capacity. Games, software on OUYA, will have backward compatibility, hardware independent and user account linked, as explained by Urhman. The delivery will be by complete digital format thus eliminating the use of disc formats and its issues.


Urhman, in an interview to Engadget, stated that every year a new OUYA will be released. They will be known as OUYA 2, OUYA 3 and so on. That was a brave declaration from the company. OUYA 1, which is production-ready, was still not available to the general public. This was in spite of securing retail partners and a great Kickstarter launch.

Current consoles from big names like Sony and Microsoft have long lives. The reasons for this are that the big names spend huge amounts in the initial development of the product. To recover the manufacturing costs they sell their products at a loss for many years, before they start making a profit on their hardware investment. This benefits the customers too as they do not have to worry about hardware and software obsolescence as they keep getting dependable upgrades ever year.

The Future of OUYA

The hardware of OUYA will be upgraded every year, just like the mobile devices market.The console in future versions is to have faster processors and more storage as compared to the 8 GB available currently. The likely processors will be the next gen processors from Qualcomm and Nvidia. These were unveiled at the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and have enhanced processing power and graphics capability. This will be ideal for the small sized OUYA box. As compared to current smart phones, the OUYA on shipping will consist of TEGRA 3 operating at 1.6GHz.

A consumer electronics producer making real statements about future products and timeline is very refreshing, but is it the right strategy. Urhman committing to update cycles which are annual, will put delivery pressure on the company going forward. Waiting a little bit more, will aid customers to get hardware with improved specifications. With increasing competition in the market, it will be easy for potential rivals to better the upgrade strategy.


Pre-Order OUYA

OUYA is available for pre-0rders here at $99 Including an OUYA Console, a Wireless Bluetooth Controller, a Power Adapter (region specific), an HDMI Cable and Batteries. An additional Bluetooth controller will cost $49 Expected delivery is June 2013.

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