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Published on August 15th, 2012 | by John I.

Possible reasons why the new iPhone 5 will be designed like this

We all pretty much know that the next generation iPhone 5 will look like the one in the photo above, according to all leaks in recent weeks. One of the stand-out points - apart from the larger 3.7″ screen - is the two-coloured back of the device due to the use of technical uni-body.
Designer Don Lehman publicly explained how this design enables Apple’s device to create a much stronger, lighter and thinner device than the current iPhone 4/4S.

Essentially, the new design concept is based around the phone’s antenna. The iPhone 4 antenna was placed on the right frame which created some signal issues and forced Apple to on-going design in CDMA iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S dual antenna finding one at the top and another antenna at the bottom frame in the forming a U.

If these leaks are true, and indeed what we see is the sixth-generation iPhone, then Apple has maintained the two antennas in the form of a U and has used the middle uni-body   part as a single piece of metal instead of two as in iPhone 4S, resulting in a stronger, thinner and lighter device. Looking carefully even the slots are part of the framework contributing significantly to the goal for a device with greater strength and lighter weight.

If you are wondering why no metal is used entirety across the surface of the iPhone this is due to the Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and GSM / CDMA signal chips. This is one of the reasons why the original iPhone had a plastic piece at the bottom and the iPhone 3G/3GS was entirely made out of plastic.

Here is a video featuring design concepts of the iPhone 5




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