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Published on February 24th, 2013 | by John I.


Protecting data security and avoiding common risks

Smartphones are everywhere with these days – but so are security risks. This graphic tries to bring people’s attention to the common ways you can risk your data security and privacy. It should be more easily digestible than a massive white paper or an annoying lecture from your IT manager.

The security of your confidential documents is dependent on where you choose to store and share them with. This is really important to think of if you have  business processes and transactions. The safest way to ensure your documents and information remain protected is with a processor with a virtual data room, which is equipped with the appropriate tools and features to keep your data safe.

Sharing documents with this control is very convenient  as it is online and the communication can be with the ones you choose to individual parties, and this way you can make sure your data is secure and confidential with the right person. The biggest companies are using this online data security and specially to look for the best virtual data rooms  in the market  to have a security management as for passwords, social security numbers, credit card information and different type of transactions, which are safe of any type of breach or hacked within the company.

So remember when you need to have your device secure and safe to use a virtual data room to provide yourself the confidentiality in your business information and content.

Symantec – Keep Your Pesky Hands Off my Mobile Data

Keep Your Pesky Hands Off my Mobile Data: Infographic


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