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Tech QR code

Published on July 13th, 2012 | by John I.

QR codes and cars

The QR codes (quick response codes) are technically known as matrix barcodes or two-dimensional codes and look something like barcodes, but can be printed on almost any surface and contain information that re-direct us to a webpage. They were originally designed in 1994 for the automotive industry in Japan to track vehicles during the manufacturing process, although technology has improve a lot in the car industry, now you can go to different sites online to learn about car maintenance you can go here to find more. This became very popular and spread their reputation worldwide. They can now be found in buildings, transportation and brochures. The QR codes are particularly useful because they interact with mobile phones, tablets and computers. Many times we are found interested in something but don’t have a pen to keep a note of it or the time. Simply using your mobile camera you can save directly to your device.
To operate the QR code you need to download an application on the device you are using (last generation devices have been pre-installed with such applications). The QRcode essentially refers to an address on the internet. By taking a picture through the application your mobile recognises the QRcode and takes you to the corresponding address.

Reasons to use them:
• Trey are free.
• Unlike conventional advertisements they are stored in a photo and not consuming time.
• You can embed them in your company’s logo, making your company even the more recognizable.
• The QR codes can be used as alternative ways of marketing on Facebook, twitter etc.
• They can be printed on business cards without confusing the person with a url and look more hip
• If you have never seen a QRcode it is definitely worth your time.


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