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Published on August 10th, 2012 | by John I.

Smart home automation systems

When you think of home automation, what comes to mind? Expensive tech gadgets? Wires everywhere? Confusing manuals? A luxury only for the wealthy?

Well you’re wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong. Yes smart homes are up there with some of the most advanced, entertaining, and convenient technology to date, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a comfort only for the luxuriously lazy. Middle-class, everyday families are investing more and more in these increasingly affordable systems. So what’s all of the hype about, and why are people interested in this technology? Smart homes offer convenience as well as money-saving features. They also create a safer, more manageable living environment, and are a great centralized home system for on-the-go modern day families. You can start saving time by upgrading your home, even if it’s for the simple gadgets at home or operating the big systems of your place, like the electric system so you can use it properly and with much more safety, also you can manage your water heater to keep the temperature in order, with a Toronto plumbing contractor you can get the information you need.

During winter, many homeowners focus on warming up their indoor air without giving any thought to humidity levels. Unfortunately, cranking up the heat in your home can leave your home environment feeling decidedly hostile. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to experience dry/cracked skin, throat pain, respiratory problems, and other symptoms as a result of the cold winter air.

Dry air becomes a noticeable problem in the winter because the temperature of air determines how much water vapor the air can hold. As temperature increases, water vapor capacity increases as well. The colder the temperature is, the drier the air must be, because of its reduced moisture capacity. Using your heater exaggerates the problem because when you heat air, you are increasing its water vapor capacity, but you are not actually changing the moisture content. When air warms and its moisture content stays constant, the relative humidity of the air — which is a measure of the amount of water vapor present compared to the amount of water vapor that the air could hold — decreases, with the result being air that is warm but uncomfortably dry. Having a Modern heating system  is necessary for every home and more if you live in a cold place or have very cold winters, it is important for your health and your family’s health.

What’s so great about smart home automation?

Smart homes use wireless, interconnected equipment that you can interact with through Internet devices, like iPhone, Android, Kindle, computer, or remote control. This remote access to your home system settings gives homeowners more convenience and allows them to conserve energy and save money on their monthly utilities costs. Using a smart phone or work computer to control their home appliances, homeowners can adjust their thermostat and turn off the lights when no one’s home or shut off any devices that are accidentally left running (TV, radio, hair straightener, etc). Automatic schedule settings will essentially let homes manage themselves. Home automation is already a proven technique in helping families reduce their energy output and simplify their daily routine. And the home price increases significantly, if you plan to sell your home read 8 day home blog.

Home automation also uses advanced safety technology to keep homes better protected from fires, break-ins, and natural disasters. Automatic safety features help prevent the spread smoke in the event of a fire by shutting off HVAC systems and closing off vents. Combined with a home monitoring system, smoke detection will emit an emergency signal that immediately notifies the fire department. Smart homes will even notify homeowners of approaching inclement weather, using severe weather alerts to give families the time they need to get to safety, with an alarm that sounds loud enough to wake you in the middle of the night. There’s also an advanced system of blinds and awnings that you can look at, for an automated futuristic look that can be appreciated from the outside of the house, as well as shown off to your guests. Obviously that is a very minor advantage or feature, one of the major ones being that you can control these remotely to fit your needs, as opposed to going to each one individually. There’s more information available to you if you click here.

All that, and entertainment too.

Investing in a smart home saves money and provides people with better security, but there are pretty cool entertainment features too. Smart home owners can create different lighting and music settings for every ambiance: movie night with the kids, parties with friends, or Sunday brunch. Not only that, but smart homes can make you a cup of coffee in the morning, start the washing machine, and close the garage door if you forgot. And, like the rest of technology, smart homes only continue to improve every day. Some systems even provide free wireless updates so your system continues to remain ahead of the curve.

So where can I get one?

If you’re a tech-savvy person, you can order the different parts from online stores and probably figure out how to set up your home automation system with a little online research. For those of us who aren’t so lucky, this is where licensed technicians come in handy. Several trustworthy home securitycompanies offer low-cost installation for smart home systems so you can leave all the “what goes where” to the professionals.

Smart homes are an added comfort and convenience, but they also help to manage and secure your home. As technology continues to progress, it only makes sense that our homes can do more too.

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