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Published on November 29th, 2012 | by John I.


Smart TVs and Tomorrow’s 4DTV is the next big thing

When 3D hit the big screen it marked the beginning of a viewing revolution almost as big as when we got colour film.

All of a sudden the viewer felt as if they were part of the action. Images jumped out from the flat screen and seemed as if they were right in front of us. Films such as Avatar that were made especially to front-run the 3D revolution enjoyed box office success and provided people with something to talk about for weeks to come. Since then the popularity has waned somewhat, and the advent of 3D televisions for the home has seen a slow start in terms of sales.

A Smart 3DTV is not all that much more expensive than a regular television, but on top of high-quality visual images it offers an interactive experience that was previously unthinkable.

A Smart 3DTV remembers your choices and makes decisions based on them to recommend viewing to you. It also lets you log onto your social networking site and follows your likes and dislikes in that way. The fact that it offers all these added extras and doesn’t require the viewer to wear some unattractive specs while watching make sit a far more popular choice for in the home.

In a home environment, most of us are still content to purchase a reasonably priced that quite simply lets us watch programmes, no more, no less.

In the cinemas however, things have already moved on. 4D TV has hit the big screen and is rapidly becoming the next big thing. 4D promises full immersion viewing. At its best, viewers will find their seats move when appropriate to what they are watching, smells will be pumped into the room at certain moments and the use of pumps of air and water makes you feel as if you actually exist within the film.

At present it is not widely available in the UK or the US – 4D was born in the east and is slowly working its way over to us. If you do want to experience 4D technology before the crowds, certain tourist attractions such as The London Eye offer a unique 4D experience as part of the ticket price.

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