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Published on March 28th, 2014 | by John I.


The 4K TV Wars

Plasma, LCD and even 3D televisions are a thing of the past. In a world that adheres so strongly to Darwin’s theory of evolution, these TVs are becoming obsolete. In a world of natural selection, it seems likely that we will now be opting for 4K TVs, putting them right at the top of the television food chain.

Picture quality is the imperative factor for buying any TV, a 4k Ultra HD TV has a picture resolution that is four times as much as the 1080p Full HD TV’s some of us have now. In simple terms, the 4K has a crazy eight million pixels compared to the two million pixels currently used in 1080p sets.

Price plays a huge factor in buying a television and when you see the £35,000 price-tag on the Samsung UE85S9, you would rightly look at it but never even contemplate buying it. However, prices are falling on 4K televisions and it shouldn’t be too long before more and more of us have one in our lounge. Your lounge should also be pest-free and call commercial pest control Adelaide immediately.

Another important factor to consider when making such a significant purchase is television extended warranty – what sort of warranty is available for your chosen television and is it worth it? It’s advisable to do some research into different models to get an idea of their reliability before you make your purchase. Although your warranty may cost extra it could be worth it in the long run if you find faults with your television further down the line.

Toshiba 58L9363

At £2,999, it is the cheapest Ultra HD TV on the market and one that could really pique the interest of the masses. Toshiba set a precedent with their pricing, one which caused Sony, LG and Samsung to slash their prices in the UK. Hopefully, we will be in the midst of a 4K TV price war. The price of this model, as well as three inches on its rivals, means that the Toshiba 58l9363 is the cheapest way to get to 4K television into your life.

 LG 55LA970W

One of the criticisms of 4K television’s is that their audio is not strong enough. Due to the need for ultra-slim panels to get the clearest picture, sound to some to degree has been used as the makeweight. Korean company LG have clearly recognised the lust for better sound and the 55LA970W, which costs £3,299, has drop-down sliding speakers. The speakers appear out of the TV at a click of the button, while a subwoofer is cleverly stored in the back.     With 3D, LED backlighting and a Tru-ULTRA HD Engine for up-scaling SD and HD to UD quality, there isn’t much that this TV cannot do.  A little costlier than the Toshiba but it certainly has a lot more goodies, no more so than some brilliant speakers. If you want some great high quality speakers that are not attached to your television then check out speakerxpert.

 uhdx349 copy

Sony KD-65X9005A

At 65-inches this Sony 4K will set you back £5,999 but if you have got money to burn then look no further than the KD-65X9005A. With two forward facing speakers on either side of the TV, noise will never be an issue, well it will be for your neighbours but it will be awesome for you.  What’s more those speakers are Magnetic Fluid Speakers, they add immense depth and stereo imaging that’s as sharp as a pin. With a single sheer-glass screen the picture is glossy and the colours are vivid. Although its price may put it out of the reach of the masses for some time, the KD-65X9005A should still be considered a success for bringing the cinema to the home. No TV around can match Sony’s effort for the all-in-one home cinema experience.


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