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Published on August 30th, 2012 | by John I.


The Best Cities for Tech Jobs!

With the dominance of companies like Apple and Facebook in the Silicon Valley area as well as being the company headquarters of tech companies Intuit, Intel and Adobe among many others, the Southwest San Francisco Bay area is the predominate player for Tech Jobs. But is the area the best place to look for tech jobs? There is no question that the Silicon Valley out-numbers the rest of the country by four times as much in the proportion of tech jobs to the national average, but is it the best place to look for work in the technical field?

The San Francisco Bay Area is also the home to many great Universities and Technical Schools including Stanford University and UC Berkeley, but is far from the leader in employment opportunities in the expanding fields of science and technology in the United States. The emerging field of web design is also finding better job prospects in other areas of the country as other companies are taking more of a lead and becoming more aggressive in the uses of web design technology.

According to a ranking system developed for Forbes by Mark Schill of the Praxis Strategy Group measuring the amount of growth in employment among the regions of the country with a high-tech economy, the studies would have some surprising results. The scope of the study included not only electronics and software firms, but also any companies that used tech workers, whether it be finance, business services or manufacturing among others. The study was done over a two year span and measured the cycles of hiring patterns for tech jobs across the country. According to the study, the Silicon Valley actually employed approximately 170,000 people less in 2011 than it had a decade before.

Even with a recent boom in the industry, the Silicon Valley is still falling behind other regions of the country in percentage of tech jobs in relation to the previous decade. So where are the best cities for tech jobs with consistent overall growth and prospects for advancement?

According to the study, the best overall region for those looking for tech jobs is still the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, Washington area. Microsoft is still keeping a strong hold on the industry along with giants Boeing and Amazon. These companies not only are continuing greater advancements in technology, but are also using more enhancements in web design creativity, providing even more jobs in this niche of the industry. The study showed that the Puget Sound area has been consistent throughout good and bad years, gradually growing even during the times of recession.

Another factor in the areas growth was the lower cost of living than in the San Francisco Bay area. Housing costs in the Puget Sound area were far less, making living conditions and quality of life much more desirable. The area is also filled with many small businesses that offer tech jobs to support the larger industries in the region.

Coming in second in the study was the region of Washington D.C.-Arlington-Alexandria, although it must be noted that tech jobs in this region are different than Silicon Valley or Puget Sound. Still, the area ranked very high for the amount of tech jobs consistently available over a long period of time. The region has experienced more than a 20 percent growth in tech related jobs since the previous decade, with the Baltimore, Maryland area coming in fifth in tech related job growth and in this wonderful cities you have to take a few days to look everything it offers, so if visiting Rockville MD you need to check all the activities there are. The Washington area has also advanced the newer web design technology and is using it in a number of sectors including research and development among the private sector as well as for custom computer systems and programming.

Another factor that could explain the growth in tech jobs is the amount of diversity used in developing new areas of research such as in the San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, California area which came in third in the study. With development in the life sciences and biotechnology, tech jobs are becoming more important as scientists attempt to use the technology to increase their understanding of our world and how it works. The tech world has grown substantially in the San Diego region, opening new avenues of employment for those who are challenged to learn with the aid of new technology advancements and resources.

The city of Boston, which came in number eleven in the study, has also begun using more technology resources in the fields of medical research and biotechnology. The city has also become a strong leader in the areas of Internet and software publishing, creating even more tech jobs. In the past decade, the city has grown by 11 percent in tech-related jobs with an amazing 10 percent growth in the last two years alone. The city of Boston is set to continue this growth as more advancements in technology are made which will enhance the traditional field of medicine.

The city that took the number four spot in the study quietly went about its business, developing new industries and opportunities while many of the more well-known technology regions of the country faded down the list. Salt Lake City, Utah has quickly become a player in the tech jobs arena, with a growth of more than 31 percent over the last decade. The low tax rates enjoyed by companies in Utah as well as a more business friendly environment have enticed many companies to move to Salt Lake City. The area also offers an employee base that is more multilingual as well as better educated and a more stable in their environment.

There are a number of other cities throughout the United States that have experienced drastic growth in the tech-related job sector. Among these are areas like Columbus, Ohio, Raleigh-Cary, NC., Jacksonville, FL. and Nashville, Tennessee. These and other cities have increased their employee base with more technical oriented jobs and are drawing people away from the more well-known technology areas like the Silicon Valley. These cities offer better living conditions and lower housing costs, giving the companies more skilled employees for their workforce.

Two other areas of the country that are slowly developing a more tech friendly job market are Atlanta, Georgia and Orlando, Florida. Both of these cities are beginning to develop a large web design industry, creating more jobs for the advancing technology trends. Orlando is well known for its entertainment venues and the field of web design is enhancing the way the entertainment field presents itself to its consumers. Likewise Atlanta is known for being the home of many corporate giants like Coca-Cola, CNN, Home Depot, UPS, Suntrust Banks and a number of others, all of whom are trying to enhance their image with the use of more web design advancements.

The opportunities for skilled web designers are growing as more and more companies look to increase their corporate image and how they present themselves to their customers. This will only open up more tech jobs for those with web design training and skills.

There are also several regions of the country that were once well known for their tech jobs and are now becoming all but forgotten by tech job hunters. Some of these cities include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and St. Louis. The cost of doing business as well as the cost of living has driven many companies and employees out of these cities to more cost effective areas of the country.

The Silicon Valley itself has been the centre of the tech job revolution for many years, creating numerous millionaires, but it is possible its time has come, as even the loyal corporate giants of the area have contemplated moving to a more business friendly environment. One thing is for certain, tech jobs are here to stay. It looks however that the locations for finding employment in the field is beginning to change. It may be time for the Silicon Valley to quit resting on its previous successes and reinvent itself as a leader in the technology industry. Maybe the newest advancements in technology will be introduced in the Valley.

This is a guest post by Matt Austin a web designer for Webeden. When not helping others use web design software, Matt enjoys blogging about the internet and emerging technology.

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