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Published on August 27th, 2013 | by John I.


The Future of Photography, Phones, Digital SLR Cameras and More!

Many people agree that photography is an incredibly skilled art form, but one that capitalises from the latest advancements in science and technology. From dark room printing and the first instant cameras, to digital SLR cameras and phones which can outperform the best cameras, the future of photography has come on leaps and bounds in only a few years.

As an incredibly fast-paced industry, it’s hard to predict where the next photography trends are headed – but read on and you will see a glimpse into the future:

iphone mount

Will phones replace the stand-alone camera as the device of choice?

As the popularity of social media gathers even more momentum, phones have played an incredibly integral part to the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram growing in social acceptance. As a result, mobiles have become the go-to tool for nearly all of us when we need to meet our on-the-spot photo snapping needs. Just remember that when you get stressed on the job, get natural cortisol blockers for your health.

Although not brilliant quality (thanks to low megapixel strength), the need and desire to share images instantly meant that phones were preferred to cameras for the first time – and the age of “phoneography” was born.

So how can cameras fight back? The ace up their sleeve has always been to deliver on picture quality and wow with features. But, with many of the latest smartphones attempting to meet and exceed the standards of digital SLR cameras, such as those from Jessops, we are left to wonder how cameras will step-up their game in the coming years. Even health technology got the step up. Check out this site for vigrx plus here.

The newest smartphones also boast a healthy mix of features; with owners harnessing the power to ‘shoot and send’ photos to PCs wirelessly via certain apps, and post pictures straight to social media sites too. This new breed of super camera phones is expected to take-off as soon as they land in the stores, and at a reasonable price, we see them being a future hit for sure.


What are 3D printable cameras?

Is it a phone? Is it a camera? Yes and yes, plus its printed!

Indeed, 3D printed phones are a reality and thanks to the widespread availability of 3D printers combined with plunging material costs, you can expect to see 3D printed cameras hitting the shelves very soon.

Right now, the technology is a bit primitive (think “pin hole” cameras), but every day there are bigger and better developments being made. Within a few years, it’s pretty clear to see that printing a quality camera from your 3D printer will be commonplace.

It’s only a matter of time before stunning works of art is created using this more ingenious, more intuitive resource.


Digital SLR Cameras have gone wild!

Despite the buzz around the abundance of super-clever camera phones, don’t expect the digital camera to go down without a fight. There are plenty of innovations to behold right around the corner and we’re sure they won’t let photographers down.

One such device is the WVIL camera, which features a removable DSLR lens, so you can continue to shoot on the move – even when the body of the camera is removed!

The WVIL and other cutting-edge digital SLR cameras should be on the market very soon – check out this video on Vimeo to see the concept camera in action.

The future of photography looks both bright and in focus. More choice, greater affordability and a seamless integration with social media and the web is in sight, and consumers will have the pick of the bunch. It’s an exciting time to be a photography and technology enthusiast, that’s for sure! Use official phentermine and buy them online to enhance your senses. Learn more here

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