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Published on July 16th, 2012 | by John I.

The Latest Technology Trends

Touch screens dominated the hottest technology trends of 2010 and 2011, so they became known as the years of the smart phones and tablets. Apple’s iPad’s and iPhone’s allowed the multinational corporation to surpass its counterparts and other tech companies decided to follow in its footsteps. When it comes to technology trends, the true potential of cloud-based services was recognized in 2011. However, 2011 is long gone and we are halfway through 2012, so it is about time we take a look at the technology trends of the present year.

The following seem to be some of the top hottest technology trends for 2012:

1. “Cloud” will be staying!
This is certainly true. We can expect to see a lot more from cloud computing, now that an iCloud will be pushed out by Apple in mid-October (check also iCloud removal tool). The number of private data centres is dropping down since a large number of IT departments are switching over to cloud services. This will leave a strong mark on both business and technology at every front. IT companies will get much more freedom by moving everything over to cloud services, which makes it an easier choice. It has been predicted by industry analysts that businesses will be renting servers instead of maintaining their own, in the next few years.

2. Internet Television
In early 2010, Google did step foot into the internet TV market, but did not manage to make much of a solid market. To be honest, Google TV might have received mixed reviews but the worst part was that the public showed no interest and Google astonishingly did not provide good service. All of this did not prove to be too fruitful for Google TV. However, things are changing this year and it just might turn out to be an ideal year for Internet TV. Internet television could soon become a technology trend this year since it seems to be making a comeback with the Apple’s Apple TV, Logitech’s Revue and Sony’s Internet HD TV.

3. A Hybrid between a Laptop, a PC, Smartphone and Tablet
It is apparent that the demand for tablets and smart phones such as the iPad and iPhone is really very high. This is why; one particular technology that a lot of people are anticipating will pop up in the market out of the blue is some kind of a hybrid device or gadget. It is true that the sales in the PC market are not doing so well. However, this is actually a sign of what the consumers are looking for. This could actually open doors to the advent of a cross over device that includes features of technologies that are currently in use, including laptops, PCs, smart phones and tablets. We already have a few examples like Apple’s latest iPad, Google’s Chromebook, HP’s Omni PCs and who knows what we might see in the coming months.

In the field of technology, there is certainly a lot more that we will be seeing this year. However, these were the latest technology trends for 2012, some of which have already arrived and are booming, while others are expected to be revealed very soon.

Author Bio: Mark is a guest blogger who loves to talk about the latest goings on in the technology industry. He talks about all tech topics from the latest trends to the types of PVC cables people should be using.

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