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Published on December 27th, 2012 | by John I.


The Top 8 Tech of 2012

2012 was a weird year for technology. We had plenty of improvements made on existing products, some to a really astonishing degree, but not much at all in out of the box innovations. A few things we even waited for with bated breath (can you say Apple TV?) were almost a total no go

But the improvements are really worth talking about and that’s where Google, Apple, and the rest really shined.

We’ll dive into that in our list below.

1. The iPad (and iPad mini too.) Hand it to Apple in 2012 they established near total tablet dominance against big name competition. Their upgrades of the iPad, like faster networking, adding a much better screen and boosting the processor speed and debuting the iPad mini to target the more frugal tablet shoppers ended up equaling two big wins. Not only with two superior hardware products but who can catch up to Apple’s supporting software app catalog? No one now and most likely no one tomorrow either. Expect the iPad to continue to be the biggest player in the tablet market in 2013, and for good reason too.

2. The iPhone 5. Alright let me just make it clear how I feel about the iPhone 5. It’s the best phone to ever exist. No exaggeration. Every time I use it I feel like I’ve been given some super sci fi device right out of Star Trek. No other phone comes even remotely close to the iPhone 5 – once again a crushing, flawless victory for Apple.

3. Workflowy. Free and the absolute best to do list app I’ve ever seen. I use it constantly and for everything. Even for this article now I think about it. Get it if you haven’t, you’ll fall in love, like I did.

4. Google Voice Search. The top search engine now has a voice recognized search for the Android that works and works well. I’m obviously an Apple guy but you can’t deny the truth when it slaps you right in the face. Every time I use Google Voice Search it gets even more accurate too which is hard to believe. Soon typing search queries will be a thing of the past, thanks to Google.

5. Google Now. Think of an artificial intelligence personal assistant and you’ve hit the nail on the head with Google Now. Provides a shocking amount of information based on your location and where you’re headed too. From traffic issues, to weather, to local things to do. Google Now may even read minds soon.

6. Tired of typing in credit card numbers on your phone? No need to ever again thanks to Just aim your camera, take a snapshot of your card and you’re good to go. Expect to be accepted near everywhere soon.

7. Same Day Delivery. What do you do when your company is so efficient you’ve forced every other online retailer to meet your standard of next day delivery? When you’re Amazon you start offering SAME day delivery! Don’t even ask how they do it but it’s available in 10 cities right now and more soon. You know the CEO of Barnes and Noble is sweating at the thought.

8. Square. Another payment system that aims to make swiping a card a thing of the past, Square has introduced tech that recognizes you just saying your name for payment. Starbucks has already signed up so you know other retailers will be in the mix soon too.

2012 sure made it seem like the future was here. I, for one, can’t wait to see what 2013 brings.

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