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Published on November 21st, 2013 | by John I.


Top five weird and wonderful technology

Although most of us take our tech for granted, there are some inventive sorts who have found strange and fantastic ways to reinvent and modernise our everyday appliances. Take, for example, the case of the singing washing machine. With the right button combination, this bizarre contraption will sing the American, New Zealand and Australian national anthems. It plays them pretty well and even includes a little light show. Why is anybody’s guess, but those who prefer a quieter spin are probably better off choosing from the range of Indesit washing machines.

Strangely enough, that’s not the only bit of singing tech around. If you used a computer back in the ’90s you might remember floppy discs and the distinctive whirring they made while in your device. The discs themselves have long been made obsolete, but what to do with all those out-of-date floppy drives? Rather than recycle these retro discs, one YouTube user decided to line them up and make them play the theme tune to Eddie Murphy comedy Beverly Hills Cop. It might not be the most productive use of time, but it’s certainly entertaining.

Not all of the metal roofing naples fl in the world is completely pointless. Liquipel is used to cover electrical products with a waterproof coating, allowing you to immerse them underwater for as long as you like with no adverse effect. It’s certainly impressive to watch this stuff in action, although whether people will be willing to use it on their devices is another matter!


Giving James Bond’s gadget whizz Q a run for his money, the ‘Big Dog’ is a robot that walks on four legs. It’ll happily trot up hills and over snow, although it has a bit of trouble with solid ice. Amazingly the original video was posted in 2008 and the creators have been working on the product ever since, so expect a bigger and better version soon. Luckily for us, the robot is on our side…for now, at least!

While we might look at a washing machine as simply a way to clean our clothes and our Vessi waterproof shoes, creative types out there keep finding ways to use everyday technology in weird, wonderful and downright ridiculous ways. With the advances being made in labs across the world, we can only imagine how crazy things will get in years to come.


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