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Published on May 8th, 2013 | by John I.


Viber announces desktop app and takes on Skype

Viber is a popular mobile application that has more than 200 million subscribers. This application lets you call and chat with other Viber subscribers for free and now you can get all these feature of this great application on your desktop also. That means now you can communicate with other Viber users using your computer also that was not possible earlier.

Viber launched this desktop application on 7th may 2013 and after launch of this application we can say Viber is a true competitor for Skype and in some cases it can even beat Skype.

With this desktop version of Viber you can do almost everything that you could do with its mobile version. Though it is a desktop application it is different from Skype because Skype moved from desktop application to mobile while Viber moved from mobile application to desktop that’s why on Viber you get much more mobile experience compare to any other similar software or application.

With this desktop version Viber became a completely platform independent application also that means now you can use it on your mobile, on your computer(MAC/PC) or on your tablet and you can use almost every function on all the devices.

With this launch Viber also announced its updated version for iOS and Android and now Viber 3.0 is available for all users. With this new updated application user can send video also in messages that was not possible in earlier version of Viber. With new version updates it also added a feature of last online status and push notification that will make it even more useful for users.

The greatest thing about Viber is, it did a genius and smart cross platform integration that will make your life easier. For example if someone message you on your Viber and you are logged in on your phone and computer both than this message will land at both the devices and it will beep at both places but next beep will be as per your reply. If you reply from your mobile it will not beep on your PC for all new messages and it will deliver new messages on your mobile only.

With this desktop application you will be able to send text messages, stickers, photos, emoticons to all their friends along with voice calls. You will be able to make desktop to desktop video calls also using this application and if you want to transfer the call from desktop to mobile or mobile to desktop you can do it easily with just one click. The only requirement for this call transfer is you need to register on your desktop and mobile with same number.

Presently video call using Viber is possible only from desktop to desktop application and it do not have group video conferencing feature also. These are few feature that Skype and Google plus offer and Viber lacks, but Viber promised it will add those feature also very soon in its future release.

There are certainly a number of apps you can use for free calls but, with the updated feature of Viber version 3.0 for mobile application and its desktop launch, we can say Viber is going to be a better alternative for Skype and WhatsApp. People will be able to get the features of two services in one application.

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