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Published on April 7th, 2013 | by John I.


Ways People Leave themselves Open to Compromise from Hackers

Assuming that patching is good enough. Applications and operating systems should be upgraded regularly to deter attacks. It’s important for applications to be properly configured as this helps minimize vulnerabilities on the system.

Also, failure to enforce configuration puts your system at a risk of being hacked. These include such things as having poor admin policies and failure to detect abnormal behavior. When you have poor access control, you tend to put yourself at the mercy of hackers.

Non enforcement of best practices is also a reason why hackers would penetrate a system quickly.Moreover, when obvious computer names are used; it makes it easy for hackers to identify critical names that would aid them in their hacking.

Poor enforcement of password policies could make it easy for hackers to penetrate your systems. Others are using default passwords on equipment as provided by the manufacturers. Failure to educate users about insecure behavior, risks, social media and online risks is a recipe for hackers to penetrate your systems.

Storing sensitive information or data on shared servers, failure to detect outgoing sensitive data and allowing data access without exercising adequate control.

The infographic below is a representation of the above

Top Five Mistakes - Infographic

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