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Published on October 24th, 2012 | by John I.


Western Digital announced the availability of the first 4 TB Hard disk drives

Western Digital announced the availability of the first hard disk drives with a capacity of 4 Terrabytes. The new Hard disk drives will be included in the company’s enterprise series, RE with dimension of 3.5 inches.

The family of RE SAS disk, has 4 models with capacities of 1 to 4TB respectively, while models of RE SATA are three, starting from 2 and also reaching capacity of 4TB.

The discs are designed and optimized for demanding professional applications and provide 33% more capacity than the largest existing models.

Both families, SAS and SATA drives have dual port full duplex connectivity and high levels of reliability and are manufactured with materials friendly to the environment.

Prices of the new disks Western Digital, ranging from £145 to £300, depending on capacity and features.


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One Response to Western Digital announced the availability of the first 4 TB Hard disk drives

  1. jack says:

    This wont make much difference in my opinion on every day computers as even 2 TB is a significant volume, but maybe home servers for media centres could benefit. Apart from that I believe this will be used mostly by those who file share excessively.

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