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Published on July 1st, 2013 | by John I.


What You Need To know About Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is just around the corner with previews available to anyone interested so if you’re already running Windows 8 you can just update to version 8.1 via the Windows online store however just bear in mind that it’s still currently in BETA stage so expect a few bugs and regular changes. I’d suggest not installing it on your main or only computer however set it up on a PC or laptop that you rarely use.

The release of Windows 8.1 is down to Microsoft listening to user feedback and is addressing some of the poorer features of Windows 8. Let’s take a look at some of the options that will be available:


First of all the ‘Start’ button makes a return and left clicking on it will switch between the famous touch screen and the standard desktop while right clicking will bring up a menu containing many options Windows 8 users will have missed over the last 8 months.

Next is the ability to boot to the desktop, to do this you just simply right click on the task bar, select properties, then the navigation tab and under the start screen check go to the desktop instead of start when you sign in. Once you do this Windows 8.1 will have more of a familiar environment for you.


The search function was already a pretty powerful tool however now the search results pull in results from your PC, apps and the web giving you everything available in “one fell swoop”.

The settings have also had a huge overhaul with Microsoft adding plenty of options such as power, sleep and display options as well as plenty of others. Previously these options were only available via the desktop however now make an appearance in Touch.

The built in camera app now does a whole lot more than just cropping your pictures, you can now change the brightness and contrast of any picture, adjust the rotation of the image and they have also included a colour enhancement tool.

Snap view is now even more flexible and you can add up to four, that’s right 4 apps on the screen at once. Providing your screen has at least a 2560×1440 screen resolution that is. If your screen resolution is smaller you can only have a maximum of 3.

Xbox music has also had a facelift allowing you to create radio stations based on the type of music you like a bit like Spotify and Pandora. The new interface makes it easier to stuff like make playlists.


Finally the Windows Story has had a complete redesign and now has a much cleaner and more sophisticated look about it and instead of having to always update all your apps they will now be updated automatically for you. Only the system administrator will be able to change the updating options.

There are loads of other changes however these are probably the top changes that will stand out the most to users and I’m pretty sure most people will appreciate Microsoft taking action on their feedback and implementing these changes.

Windows Geraete Microsoft

‘What You Need To know About Windows 8.1’ was provided by guest writer Bradley Aho who is a writes similar content over on

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