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Published on July 18th, 2013 | by John I.


Xbox One A first look at Microsoft’s the new console

The release of the Xbox One has caused quite a stir amongst gamers to point where Microsoft performed a U-Turn on the strict policies around the re-purchasing of used games before a person can play them.

However now that this has finally been dealt with and gamers can be happy and safe in the knowledge that Microsoft isn’t trying to milk them for every penny they can. So apart from the device itself still looking like a giant black brick let’s take a look at some of the things that are great about the Xbox One.


To operate your Xbox One you need Kinect, this has caused another stir amongst privacy conscious players, Microsoft has stated that they won’t be listening in on your conversations. If you don’t want the Kinect sensor on while you’re playing games or listening to your favourite music you can simply just pause the device.

You can use the voice commands ‘Xbox Off’ to turn the system off, when in the off state it will only be looking for and will recognise the command ‘Xbox On’ this command will turn your Xbox on.


Kinect Sensor Now Included:

Now the Kinect senor comes in the box with the Xbox One, this is great news as it means that everyone will have Kinect so you can communicate with all of your friends online.

Elimination of Split Screen Seat Switching:

To me this is something that should’ve been invented a long time ago, way before we’d ever heard of the name Xbox.

The Xbox One now has the capability to recognise where each player is sitting in the room and adjust the split screen of the gameplay accordingly. Although the device has this functionality many games will not and it will be down to game developers to utilize this in future releases.

The Gamepad is Now Perfect:

The hand held controller has had a few tweaks made to it, over 40 in fact, making it the best gamepad available today. It’s lighter, doesn’t have a bulky battery pack sticking out of the back and the D-Pad has had a much needed overhaul.


Loads of Exclusive Games in Year One:

Gears of War and Halo are the only names that come to mind when thinking about what good games have Microsoft developed themselves for the Xbox however they have promised over 10 new games for the Xbox One.

Some of the new titles we can expect to see are: Sunset Overdrive, Below, LocoCycle, Ryse: Son of Rome, Quantum Break, Project Spark, D4 and Crimson Dragon.


Multi-tasking is Slicker than Ever:

Another really cool feature that Xbox One users can enjoy is the ability to switch apps and multitask on their new console.

Microsoft have really shown off their voice control capabilities with the On, Off voice commands I mentioned earlier and also commands such as ‘Xbox, game’ and ‘Xbox, watch TV’ hopefully they will be able to recognise accents too as this may cause some issues.

Overall though this will save gamers and user of the Xbox One a heap load of time as they will no longer have to press and hold down the main centre button and then press Y to get to the dashboard.

Past Achievements Still Count:

Finally and one feature that if Microsoft left out would’ve caused an even bigger commotion that the used game fiasco. All your hard work and time spent on trying to complete all those achievements will still count.

Microsoft has implemented a system to help gamers carry over all their achievements from the last 8 years of gaming. This was a clever move by Microsoft as it’s these achievement points that have kept gamers loyal to the Xbox brand.


It will be good to see the battle between Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 continue because gamers across the globe will only benefit from feature rich, faster technology and better quality games that deliver an almost realistic experience.

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